Between husband and wife is to support each other

November 09 [Wed], 2011, 15:50
On this day the look of melancholy beauty Hao Guo, holding the bottle toward me. I'm curious, looking at her sad it seems to me that happy. This is called human actions can not! What fashion looks bigger way to play, but if the child is not marriage, which is called deserve. Since I was born on the day I decided to never call her "Mom." I believe this will make him understand that a wrong will have to pay the price of the others! I suddenly had her bankruptcy cruel to leave me, I have to retaliate, I'm not your son, but God arranged to punish your people!
She handed the bottle to feed to my mouth, my big mouth as usual * up. I suddenly felt her smile becomes a lot of joy, success seems to be doing a thing. I looked at her with puzzled, simply a large mouth milk. Drink a big gulp of milk, then I paused. This milk tastes different from milk, tasteless, and other flavor but a little more. I am puzzled up!
Then she will be an empty milk boxes thrown in the trash. I thought to myself Could I changed her milk yet! I do not think that means, to continue eating. Do not know why, this time the milk I drink special diaphragm should always feel a bit wrong. If this formula hidden in a dark magic, so I fear. But I did not drink the dead! After I became familiar with the taste of the flavor.

This taste which makes my wife and I where I had a taste that's different, but complementary body of a soul is still two two body energy. Named Zhang Chu's my day to find a sudden cold, which makes the wife and mother worry. Mother looked scared look, I have some sad, and certainly such a child my mother was raised, and always in the child's parents live in fright, the children are involved with a frown at once parents the heart of. I've looked at others such as parents worry about their children, see a child bumps wished he could die on the distressed look I think this is the pony own fart scared, perhaps called the fuss of! But when I looked at mother and wife at this time appear on the face of anxiety, as I do not like the color, because parents love their children can be better than love itself. Because this time the mother has rheumatism in the body, while his wife is also due to cold fluids and. After a phone call over the mother, wife estimated to be pulled out their fluids come back. Back when I saw her on the back of the hand is still bleeding, certainly when the needle accidentally cause! She just did not see his injuries in general, anxiously asked: "Mom, look how Chu now?"
At this point I was holding my mother a look of anxiety: "The child a little fever ah!" Looked at the mother temple at this time a pale, gray hair, forehead wrinkles, and I noticed at this time, I had some not a mother, but a vicissitudes of his aging mother! Almost before his father's death ought to because of my air, so I now read my father, because his father at the time I did not feel the presence of his aging mother, because she always has his father's care, I did not control through the mother. After his father died the year after the mother is in the anti-comfort me, support me how to live from the new stand; after I have been wandering in the factory, but also take into account not her. Now I know my mother is really only pay, where I have to feed off her? A person may only see things with a childlike look to see when Man is really clear, because it is not the eyes of impurities, more penetrating, more thorough look!
Soon after I was taken to the hospital injections. Went away with my wife, a doctor said: "The children still try to breastfeed, do not completely fed milk!" Wife looked at doctors nodded. But I knew that she had concerns, because she went to school every day. I am also worried, I was afraid she would breast-feed me really, because I can not accept!
After returning home, my temperature is normal, and they can be relieved. But his wife suddenly listless down, the people have lost support, suddenly fell on the sofa. Mother call softly, a bit, She just opened his eyes slightly, and then the first thing is to ask all of my things. All right just so the mother said after she dragged his exhausted body back to bed with me!
Back to bed after my wife settled down first and then sitting on the bed, pick up a picture. Which is a graduation photo, there is a photo of my wife and I only. Married when I casually said: We are not extravagant, and not according to a wedding! She will be happy to accept the only sweet to ask me one: What do you want me how? Her smile is probably the day I really know her deepest impression after a memory. I did not complain of a laugh, because at that time my heart did not care about her, but she has poured all kind of feelings. I just put her body as a host, but she confused me as a soul about! At the time I was in love the prodigal son, while she was still a feeling pale paper. Her face is my warm a cold face, but she seems to care. In fact, I now are still confused, why she was willing to marry me, but when in my abjection.
At this time I looked she was journeying to look at that picture I am more confused than she, perhaps I am guilty of!
I looked at her quiet way, she did not move, a long long time, I saw two lines of clean overflow from the side of her lower eyelids. She seems to find me looking at her, looked at me and laughed immediately, it should be reluctant to let me see her tears look. Moist eyes with a sweet smile, I do not know what this world more beautiful than this woman!
After a long time she will be back in the hands of the photo drawer, and then gently into her embrace of my arms. I remember cuddling so I never gave her, perhaps she imagined a small woman completely nestled in the general broad-minded in her husband, good happy one minute, but I never met her. I hope to meet her. However, I now can not do that, she no longer possible to snuggle in my arms, so it seems a very simple happiness in her life has become a luxury.
Then, after three days, I still live my quiet way every day, there is nostalgia, a pain, is also very tangled. Pondering my past, I regret the pain is, tangled my future. This day I suddenly found a strange phenomenon, I have suddenly become drinking milk taste the same, and I began to taste that may be confused, but after a day of carefully taste I definitely had their own ideas, indeed, they are sour. Becomes wants to have that kind of dark magic milk flavor, and I always feel guilty drinking, feeling this is not milk, but Resident Evil variation in medicine. They both laughed looked so sweet, I am afraid it is my heart, I know they certainly will not harm me, but I was always worried about!
Guo Hao can look a day before the United States is my dream, I dream of her, completely occupy one or several women are essential for every man desires. However, the irony is in the opposite happened to me, I had wanted to hold her, but finally it is I belong to her. Sometimes I even think I'll grow up to face them. The basic point, how I'll call them, and called his wife, mother, or directly call them names?
Since the milk taste changed after I found a strange phenomenon, frequently to his wife every day home run, came back with a bottle of milk I would hold in his hand. In fact, I hate this food, but I can not refuse. The days of blindly thousand days it is a torture, do not know how you think the other baby, and I hope for an early weaning, but I do not know how to say! Sometimes like this, obviously does not like, but we have to accept the objective, what is life's most frustrating, it is powerless, covers the subject!
I was puzzled at this time looking at the ceiling, Guo Hao United States is looking at me strange, seems to want to understand what I was thinking? Since I refused to eat her milk after she never forced me. But I lost milk sources of information, they both seem to have made the same quirks, never mix milk in front of my face, just like a magic change will end up in general.
Until one day, I was asleep in the bedroom and saw his wife outside the panic from the running back. Because it is winter, the more her clothes, her hand came in panic after panic button foot solution chest, I was very surprised. So quietly watching her, she seemed not to notice me, seeking only to unlock the buttons, until I looked at the familiar place where, when, I did not feel look longer. After I realized one thing, I really do not know how a thing.
The original reason why the sour milk is because of this, why the wife ran home every day and because of this. They have framed me, they actually squeeze the milk in the bottle laced with milk and I drank. No wonder his wife will come back each time to hide Daofang Zhong, turned out to be afraid of shy in front of the mother's face. I did not think she was such a conservative woman ... children! I did not expect them to have this hand!
I would like to clear after they have been so half-human, half-cow's milk to my drinking. No wonder the taste will be and not the same, because there are mostly inside the breast. This is called "milk" thing, but for me this is my "bullying." At this moment I have to admit the fact, I downgraded, I can not to their husbands and the men itself. I can not turn the body, and eat her milk that she was destined to be your Mother it! Called I feel then, perhaps this is a fact. I've also vowed never not called Guo Hao Ma United States soon, but now it is a done deal, I do not recognize have to die. Because you people drink milk! I do not want to say anything at this time, I just want to tell yourself, people drink milk, you are destined to be the son of people, even if you drink milk! Because it is "it" to feed you!