Sand, grasping more tightly, get less

June 23 [Thu], 2011, 18:09
Roughly 67 years ago is? Think about it, it can't remember the has specific exergue, I saw the life in the sea, and see a dream has the azure.
In hainan boao, the first time I embraced it, and kissed it, and have it, is this life to place. Soul
First it, it just as I did, that year of wanton float in the sky, youth caper, naughty, a group of DaoTeng vivid breath.
Walk along the beach by winds, GuGu thin and soft, SuSuDe sand son, fast in the toe ya slides between. Looking up is a clear blue, flow flower cyberworks, especially bent intoxicate. The sea be like with day, and cloud than spelling, and water more clever than shamrock, more elegant than the clouds the jump.
The wave son sand son play, so happy. Countless white waves is soft and light fondle grains of sand, tender feeling extremely; And when the surge was passionate, angry, acoustic shock like, frighten sand son, allow the pallid mercy, helpless, also on the attack, a water and chase. With quicksand
A water and sediment of, the love song, so the incisively and vividly, never sing forever stopped, they close 2 for one, blend mutually, regardless of each other, I have you, NiZhongYouWo.......

In fact, the sand of yalong bay is the most exquisite, the most but person, will now have the impulse let it gently kissed cheeks, kiss kiss kiss the toes of the neck, absurd to read.
To the north sea, Qingdao and dalian in guangxi etc, and also see those a sea and sand, and the sand of yalong bay, it is beyond the son and.
Yalong bay beach, in a rare idle half minute, guys ZhuLang water to, from may and sand son play, another mood of gas, intent
Saw a pair of father and have fun, daughter in the sand planing away to dig! O, hence light tone ask her why, little girl in a cunning hey hey smile, say dug hole, and dad a piece of it with sand therapy, quite knowledgeable doll.
Also try to learn from busy, gas fee for a long time, dig eight force also can bury two legs, will also do.
The sand, right now, and finely you regardless of one another, warm warm sand son, people in the sun lying under the victorious, tube he tan or not, tube he who is who, tube he yesterday, all things or future lost Java country, no longer half minute Daniel, god does not clear at the moment, free and unfettered ambition is unknown.
The hainan to swim, but remember the sea and sand, they so harmonious, the envy.

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