A 90-old elderly

June 23 [Thu], 2011, 18:07
Extend this winter of some long, the march to the tail of the passing away, but by the breeze, I still feel that some cold. But that person? Is she is under the weather brings the torment of......
A person's roof, fine taste the shadows of the sky; A man of this figure, stood out against the season slump. Encircle their hands from shoulder fall, as the breeze on my sadness of expression; Let the rain take only to save of temperature, then the body cold, the heart also cold; it can be felt, maybe under the end of life, she is also as well...
At this time, I again remind of she, an old woman. Once in the memory when instant emerged in sight. Yes, time deposit of the hourglass is can't escape from the past, but she gave, was the happy childhood, once had her a note in the songs seem to hide the shadow of the fairy tale. And now she really old, very old is very old, on the face that a series of deep wrinkles, can't find a texture; The back of the case, far see like a bow, very very curved bow bend the bow, shoot arrow will resume, reduce the radian, and she can't. Never will. I was so deep love her, is she gave my grandmother's love, is she gave me in addition to the parents care, is she let me know the life of people sometimes doesn't have to pay to massive losses and return. Saw her, I don't know how to express, expression of her love of that. Maybe find a better words, maybe some words not far more action mind with, so only can do for her only in her double XiBang listening to her talk that once the past again and again...
The phone is still calling me who, in the name of the mind will have been suspended. Will the withered leaves of looking forward to look at a new shoots, and who bear to refuse to an old man hold in the heart of that to read. So you must be better good good grandmother. Head out of the window of the blowing in the wind, then please blow it mildly, again a little light. Because you say I work, I earn money to give you spend. So in order to let I can go to cash, promise me strong boil in the past, because the summer is not far.
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