The pattern of the deeper blue

April 14 [Fri], 2017, 17:43
The pattern of the deeper blue, will make people think of the night. All the people who see Logo, will feel more strongly in the darkness of their own, and then heard the wolf howling sound. According to the Timberwolves CEO Carson revealed that the Timberwolves home target center seat will add more dark Sidney Crosby Jersey, the entire renovation will be completed before the start of next season. At the same time, Richardson also let the wolf against the North Star rather than the moon howling, which means that it has a more clear direction. Polaris placed in the middle of basketball, with the color of the wolf eyes, are aurora green. Richardson found that in the winter when the sun shines on Minneapolis Eric Fehr Jersey, the glass of the local building will reflect this green.

This season, the Hornets can get 109.3 points per 100 rounds (note: all data are cut off before the end of the war), on the surface, this data compared to last season's 107.1 points or even upgrade, but taking into account the Union are Warriors inspired by holding the banner of attack Beau Bennett Jersey, relatively more reference value, but rather the data in the league's 30 teams in the rankings: this season, the Hornets offensive efficiency can only be ranked 14th, and last year , They are the league ninth!

Defensive end, the season for the Hornets to lose 108.6 points per 100 rounds, the defensive efficiency can only be ranked 14th in the league, with their ranking league No. 19 round the number of rounds (95.8), which is clearly unsatisfactory. In the last season, they only lost 104.3 points per 100 rounds, ranking eighth in the league (averaging points from 100.7 points to 104.9 points).

Averaging more than 4.2 points is what the concept of it? This season the Hornets lost points in less than five points of the game (including regular time tied to be pulled into the game), a total of 11 games. If you count the 11 victories, then the Hornets' final record is 47 wins and 35 losses Matt Murray Jersey, and last year is almost the same.
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