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December 26 [Thu], 2013, 10:13
A conversation for british http://olympic-airport-taxis.co.uk/ touring bicycles

I ride a touring /commuting bike a lovelY thorn brevet.I quite agree about the brooks b17.I reMember having Louis Vuitton Bags Sale a brooks on one of mY bikes when i was in mY teens(A long tiMe ago! )Which prompted MeTohave one on this bike, and after a good few hundred miles it's"Me"Shaped.I have a bit of a bag fetish in the questToprove people wrong when theY saY"Can You take(X)To(Y)Oh no you can't can you, you ride a bike".So i have a big set of rear panniers(Carradice overlanders)A junior saddlebag, but at the moment just use an excellent courier bag by karrimor.

Just about to buy my 3rd small bikebag and this time i'm going to buy a superc racktop.I've had others(Including karrimor)And they just don't last, invariably the zips go, and i've never been able to fault my superc big saddlebag(Though it doesn't lend itself to quickrelease)Rear panniers dead waterproof;Landed my old holdsworth in a river once(See article a346628 for clues)Completely submerged it and there was barely a drop in the saddlebag when i pulled the bike out out brilliant!Got the brooks pro(On my thorn audax great builder, really seemed to care about what's right for you)And Louis Vuitton Travel Accessories i'm still not 100% sure even though i did do a 200k(Can't face the thought of training for anything longer! )Without major grumbles;Might go for a male terrys one day.The classic rolls is ok, but i think my problem is that i don't get out of the saddle enough.

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