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October 10 [Thu], 2013, 10:23

Soccer: this three-day training has been in a State of shortage, to preparation for the Indonesia match would have implications? Fu Bo: there will definitely be affected, because injuries occur too much these days, people have been aligned, including our units in the training game, and I can't get it. But it's not too big a problem, each coach will face the problems, especially the coach of the national team, because the League's more heated, relatively tight race, injuries will occur. Most of all, we have to prepare the programme. Soccer: faced with this situation, how do you adjust? Fu Bo:new balance 576 uk these days the training, although playing big teams, but we insist on confrontation training, including one or two practice, we arranged for various forms of combat training. And according to professional study, the unified team, and most of all, let the team know what we should keep playing. Soccer: these days I see you give players tend to shift and the lower end of the walkthrough, and that changes inherent in the national team before their game right?

Fu Bo: no, on the contrary we are in the process, have been emphasizing what we play this team at all, and let everyone know what we should stick to. Practice transfer and the lower end of cross, not just in Indonesia, also let players know, these plays on the pitch but also can choose the means. In the East Asian Cup and in the two warm-up matches in September, our requirements are sometimes intentional, is to let players play and cooperate with habit, because, after all, everyone in the Club's playing style is not exactly the same as before. From now on, I think we slowly need to understand that sometimes can be more efficient on the pitch selection, in adhering to our inherent style on the basis of, we have to be in a more effective way of getting the ball to each other through the door. Soccer: through your studies in your eyes what Indonesia is the opponent?

Fu Bo: Indonesia game, and we've seen this year, including his two matches of the Asian Cup qualifier, also includes some warm-up matches. Overall, this team is even better than his team of Indonesia, are not willing to recycle the defensive, he plays aggressive or strong. Soccer: you win in Indonesia, this is both strength study conclusion? Fu Bo: speaking from strength, even if we are missing several players, is also stronger than Indonesia 's. But as we all know, football is not a strong team is bound to win, otherwise we will not defeat France. I say to beat Indonesia, are now because of the nature of the game asked us to China and Indonesia, the two games must be won, there is no more discussion, as a coach must face up to the responsibilities and pressures.
[Twitter] into the AFC Champions League final and the Super League Triple Crown, is a happy event, but fans still in "constant hot" and new balance 577 uk guozu [Twitter] injuries" comparison in a tangle. Coincidentally, the far reaches of England [Twitter]---"European team"---and we have the same problems. Some familiar arguments, at first seems alarm bells ringing, wisdom seems to come from the Highlands, and universal.
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