Jin is a large water

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 13:03
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAlthough Chu Mu would like to know the day dragon cyan sting ,but he also knows the hearts of all from the city of master is watching it ,even if that day dragon cyan sting here ,nor have any move, can only wait and see ,so go to dispose of the day dragon cyan sting there have been attempts to murder ghost pet division .
To this day ,city officials Li Gu adopted leaf inclination posture do ,also specially to soul pet house to buy some cheap soul spoil ,throwing them into the street to confirm those things ,whether still live there .
Late at night, the exiled to the West Street soul spoil uttered voice screaming ,soon to be those who hunger for something to all as food .The third day, city guards have been quietly with their soul into the West pet zone of underground passage ,those may be the passage of fluid discharged all rock series soul spoil their thick .
The heavy rain has lasted for several days ,the third day ,rainfall is slightly smaller ,but it is not very effect the city guard water attack plan ,because they have hired many control systems and Aquarium Pet Pet division soul to soul .
The grey sky a little low ,xixilili rain washing of the ancient city ,damp smell smell after a few days of washing ,clean city has become somewhat ,flows into the sewage water didn so cloudy ,including sewer accumulation under polluted things ,also be washed again .
The sewer in the absence of light, because the city architecture ,the sewer water is perplexing ,if not those head words ,the sewer is exactly like the moist dark underground maze .Of course ,for the people so dark underground road is the most dirty place ,but this special environment is mature insectivorous strange paradise .
If it can not rain ,something always hide in this overhead is food that is under the nest of the city .As the Chu Mu know, greedy for the carnivorous monster pet ,they need to rely on the mother of life energy to sustain ,once leave the mother for too long ,they will become a heap of black charcoal gray .
They are gregarious together ,when foraging is collective dispatchs ,rarely see odd greedy carnivorous monster on the loose .When the greedy carnivorous monster is gathered in a transverse passage, in their body fluids as a comfortable bed linen and bedding .
I do not want to deal with these things ,disgusting keck . The sewer, a thirty year old soul pet division one face up and said . I don know ,if they were hungry ghosts ,will not even we ate .
Beside a chubby soul pet division said .However ,the fat body soul pet division did not show a disgusted look ,instead of holding a piece of dried meat ,standing in the feces were sewers no eating up .
To eat is also sure to eat your meat ,you greasy . Before the man said with a smile . Adults are really daring ,if not those guys attention all the day dragon cyan sting ,I adult captive animals have been from the city of the master to clear .
Fat pet Division said . You don understand ,adults such things often do ,let alone out of the city ,even the other circles 100 degree pet charm .Oh here ,the man suddenly realize that can too much ,paused immediately changed the subject : say that as long as we are here look after two days ? ,maybe he had what was found .
Fat pet Division said .Fat soul pet division found those greedy carnivorous monster secretion of disgusting things more and more, has grown to shadow his appetite ,and walked to the next .
Clang water soaked for fat pet division soul shoes ,as he steps out slight sound UGG Adirondack II Discount. How strange ,water level and becomes higher, and the rain is big ? Fat pet division reached the soul where there was no water ,some complain that said .
It should be more and more strange smell ,like UGG Bailey Button Boots,whatever ,just take care of these things for two days ,we can do their own thing . At noon ,Central West Street ,near two hundred element field and the river spirit pet circles of different lines of aquarium pet has stood in the soul of the sewer mouth position ,waiting for the command of the .
Finally ,a bright flame rises in the sky ,up to hundreds of meters high, suddenly exploded through the rain ,suddenly the dazzling firelight release ,all of the rain red dye start Air Guard long ride the wings of soul spoil ,face underneath the soul masters exhaled loudly .
A channeling channeling clear spirit incantation chanting in the west city sky drift ,with beautiful blue halo slowly enveloped in the street soul pet blue river aura river like water in the whole block spread ,has even spread to other center city neighborhood, more than 200 only soul spoil ,gradually will center city most of the rain water collected to the west ,like a lake in the West over the general static .
About ten minutes ,the entire West twenty metres above the position is true ,Jin is a large water ,like an invisible large containers in the air .Ye Qingzi thought that let the sewer flooding ,I won water slowly rises ,so will only give those monsters again ,after all those fierce physical strength ,if the forces together to break the wall sewer is definitely not into any problems .
But suddenly the water into the sewer Womens North Face Greenland Clearance,forming a torrent of when they made the mess, let them have no chance to break the channel when they will be submerged in water ,so that there is a wish to catch all in one draft .
Put finally ,the amount of water is sufficient ,the strength of the soul have pet beast crazy howled ,large paws fiercely bombarded open the narrow sewer well the sky rain has completely formed a piece of Sky Lake ,when the river spirit PET using mind control when, this saved a lot of rain Lake turned into several runner falls ,crazy filled into the open ground .
Rumble rumble rumble sound like thunder, pour into the sewer ,turned to numerous ferocious beast ,crazy striking sewer walls ,rave in sewer channel surf .The water is all in the attack the weakest attribute ,but once the formation of momentum ,it is the most terrible force ,everything can be swallowed ,everything can destroy huge water filling ,just a minute ,great space of the sewer is these turbulent liquid filled ,booming let the whole city world shaking .
something ? Fat soul pet division alertness is relatively high, soon perceived that the sewers are some unusual appearance . Like thunder ,which may be film thunder fall on our heads .
The thirty years old and not too concerned about the soul . Hiss hiss hiss out this time, those who lie in their own secrete fluids to a carnivorous monster now slowly opened his eyes .
Almost a whole sewer channel is the layer of skin monster to crawl ,and very dense .These perceptual skills are very strong ,even if just a sleeping like a pile of corpses. Generally ,when the news ,they all came to her in the dark ,his green eyes look around hiss hiss channel in the center ,an almost filled the entire space of biological lift a large head ,some lazy step stride attack ,want to go towards the outside .
This monster is obviously what the leader, the smaller the greedy insectivorous blame is specially to get out of a road . Rumble rumble rumble voice is louder and louder ,the underground passage appeared apparent dithering ,even have some dust fall down from above .
Suddenly ,the body bottom leader suddenly realized what a sick ,it faces 100 ����PetCharm of exposed the horrible grim color . Ahhh clang clang finally ,water in the channel of the angular position of splash ,then such as Hong general surges towards the underground passage across ,a second time he has appeared in this one before the rulers of the monster face beamed with panic color, fundamental to care about those hiding in the nest the greedy carnivorous monster ,unplug the powerful limbs ,crazy toward another head running water fat soul pet Division also fright ,but before he can finish, water is splashed on him ,the next moment ,his whole person was this torrent to down give him a call ,no soul pet opportunities .
Another soul pet division, he later consciousness ,even spell without reading ,the whole people is torrent to care ,physical constant in the turbulent flow in rolling speed .Soon ,the majestic began pouring into the greed monster torrent insectivorous nest ,the hundreds of greed insectivorous blame no to escape in time ,both ends of the channel have been terrible such as blue dragon torrent to occupy ,and the liquid start crazy penetrating into their nest .
Hiss hiss these monsters immediately sends an alarm with sound, the body constantly secrete some semi - solid state .The channel on both sides are blocked up ,do not let these torrent seeping in .
Water permeability is very fast ,but a couple of seconds was immersed in half ,but this time the panic incomparable monster finally completed on both sides of the building ,let the water as will be here all submerged .
Boom boom underwater continuous in both sides tumbling ,found that the water has been completely control down ,no longer penetrate into the nest during the time ,the hundreds of the wild carnivorous monster are also sent to the hiss of screaming ,seems to be that they are lucky to escape with her .
Which pet wisdom than normal soul pet is much lower, so these things are not aware ,even if they do not allow water to penetrate curtilage in, but was trapped in the narrow channel with .
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