but also has not had a chance

January 24 [Thu], 2013, 15:04
"No, this is the magician's privileges, you don't have to give them.> "Vivian shook his head and said."Never mind, you can think of me as a soldier, it is not logical?"Ryan smiled and said to her."Well, I would say his robe was stolen, you see him now admit that he is a warrior."Erwin continued to say.Vivian gas face said to Erwin, "have you finished?The two of you and I split the loot every battle, hire Ryan gold is my personal, you have no loss Men's Air Max 2012 Discount!Is it right? See no advantage?Don't take advantage of you."Seeing the captain really angry, Erwin stuffy head began to eat, and Barrett just hide in the dark corner to enjoy their dinner, scene became quiet Canada Goose Baby's Reversible.Vivian will be a piece of meat to the lane, and sorry look blunt he smiled, and then whispered "night you behind me, I will call you."He nodded, and did not speak, just took the meat slowly eat up.Vivian thought Ryan was a bit upset, but she was not to say anything, can only sigh in the heart, after all, Ryan is new, but also has not had a chance to show their strength, it seems that this thing is he is wrong, you shouldn't be too stingy, early know such as Janlain in the battle, even share some booty thin, also will not appear behind so many things."Ryan, this three years, how have you been?"Faras said, full of silently conveyed tenderness."Used, these three years I was thinking of you every hour and moment."Ryan seized by drawing hand, affectionately to respectively three years of lovers."Hum, you lie, you this three years in the study of magic, which have time to miss me?"Faras suddenly made a face at Ryan and said, "why don't you tell me your news?I got for you for about three years.""Oh, I also have no way!"Ryan was about to explain, suddenly found Fala wire in front of their own disappeared, his hands became absolutely empty, Ryan looked around shouting a "used!Fanny where are you going.Lai Enmeng opened his eyes, his forehead is full of sweat, of greet is a dense jungle, dim moonlight through the sparse branches of irradiation on himself.Ryan recollected that he should be and the Vivian team adventures together, so just to see Fala wire should be in the dream.Ryan slightly sighed tone, he didn't mean to deceive and drawing, but do not want to own is not enough self-protection ability is too stimulating Catherine and her behind the demilich, that night fighting for Ryan to deeply understand this 200 years ago in a lich has terrible power, even the gods in this plane light spokesmen also defeated in it.If at this time because of Ryan's to appear, let Catherine think their identity exposure, then the demilich probably would like three years ago that night, again through the plane projection to this continent, while Victor may not be taken by surprise by its opponents, even if all goes well, beat the plane projection demilich, but the other can be in the secret support, other forces, let this land be in chaos.The scourge to full-scale invasion of this continent, the most basic prerequisite is that human beings into confusion, because the only way, undead Lich can through perennial war accumulated enough body to rise into the skeleton warrior, or to the human in the continent of the force, the scourge is absolutely not to develop will be superior forces encircled.Unfortunately, the human not to advance to perceive the true identity of Catherine, Delaney and Victor ibert, otherwise to three people together Nike Air Max 2012 Mens, should be and demilich plane projection of a war, so it wasn't until the whole empire faces fall when coming clean up the residual bureau.At this point, even Delaney also admire the demilich Constance, the Lich inverse conversion become human, which has the force of the creator, if it can be created out of thin air life, that is be worthy of the name of God.Ryan gently shook his head, these things out of mind, although the future is bleak, but the goal has been clear, as long as the slowly towards the established direction, may one day be the end point, it should be most concerned about, should be the Vivian squad yourself into it.
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