The Flash Wade attended the scene dressed in understated and handsome suit

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 10:27
The Flash Wade attended the scene dressed in understated and handsome suit. At the same time, many NBA stars, as a mystery guest, at the scene amid sentiment overwhelmed calls for one debut, came nike air max 2011 australia out in Wade. Fans of Adam Roseman, founder of the Church said: "such world-class stars could check Wade is fan Hall of honour, as well as Gospel for many NBA fans in China. Fans also in the future the Church will be more opportunities for communication and interaction with sports stars to fans in China. "Wei Dexian enthusiastically saying hello to the audience and said:" China has millions of NBA fans have good basketball atmosphere here is unbelievable, even more than United States. I hope that in the future there are more opportunities to meet and interact with fans. "His appearance made everyone's emotions reached boiling point.

Many star NBA players gathered in the field, making the party more star-studded. Stars at the party were very fun, zero-distance communication and interaction with the fans. One fan as the Party of white t-shirt, he's happy to get the coveted signature. From Guangdong iron Qin Bo Wade said excitedly: "I was a freshman, summer play torn ligaments, also can walk only with crutches nike air max light for sale now. But Wade are the idols of my life, imitating his ' confuses trace back, ' I went to the stadium to practice alone every day. In order to see Wade, I'm eager to train tickets, sat for nearly 20 hours by train. When I finally had the opportunity to stand in front of idols, and I even feel the time stand still. "Another small fans from Shanghai said:" I saw 15 basketball, at the same time to communicate and meet so many NBA stars is something I wouldn't want to. All too suddenly, I'll remember every word they said tonight. Thanked the fans together to make my dream come true. "

Fans star color night gradually into climax, fans Church founder Adam Roseman Mr invited presence of Star and guests copolymer glass, enjoy enjoy this night, he said: "as near 100 bit global famous of sports and the entertainment star of gradually joined, fans Church by virtue of its unique of Star resources, will became China fans and international superstar near distance contact of communication bridge, let China of young consumption group more in-depth to taste star in stage behind of personal charm, and real achieved any time, and Any interaction with the stars. "
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