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December 17 [Mon], 2012, 15:05
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultWei Yong eventually went to Ji ,Li from the exception in the energy group, a suburban Club saw him, wanted to draw directly to shoot it, but Li from think that should see him ,was the guy pulled her and Wei Qihua clasped hands ,at that time his not to hate kill him ,since he disappeared after himself did not find him ,he was sent to kill himself ,but for his lucky ,now may be to black is playing cards .
WENxuEmI .COM Lee from Wei Yong to sit down opposite, watching the scared almost to urine trousers ,never thought it was ten years ago that the scenery of the young people ,in Feicheng at the time, this guy is a number ,it seems that this man really have to stay three room, heart in his lucky day ,who knows his own offspring would like also luck ,there is more sure of Lee from their thoughts ,or stay with this guy is comparatively good .
You don ,I will not hurt you ,our two things can uncover the past ,you only you and your sister two people ,I died once ,is how big bear a deep grudge against sb. Not be reconciled ? While Li Cong was speaking staring at Wei Yong expression, as long as the Wei Yong had a lucky .
That Lee from said not to kill him ,because he is a villain ,the villain is nothing can move him, only the feelings of the people in order to obtain reconciliation .Wei Yong was looking at Lee from ,come from Qingdao when he thought, is nothing but a dead ,two hate how likely solution on ,Lee from may be a person ,but in the sister about things, especially when things are not all related people generous ,so this time he would not think of how Li Conghui utter such words .
Are you not going to kill me ? Although I understand ,but this also is abnormal ,Lee from this time should not consider this to be ,should be thinking about is how to make their own death .
Yes ,those things are gone, I lost the most precious woman ,you are nothing ,is revenge also has passed, now my son is your nephew, I know you are not likely to have offspring ,so we should look forward, not is ? From the report that ,Wei Yong is actually the whole of China last eunuch ,because his mistress kinky ,always feel Wei Yong did not want to be a female ,so the direct his men to cut off ,so as to put one doing a female ,it is also very poor .
Be said your pain is very uncomfortable ,can think so and solution is really so simple thing ? Oh ,that you say ,let you do ,our home dozens of people are dead ,I live and what ,Lee from ,don in front of me as good ,the nephew, I also will deny ,he fundamentally your son ,your it is one family ,he has never been to see me, I tell you ,today you don is your thing ,but the future as long as I have the opportunity ,I will kill you ,we Wei with your endless .
Originally, things can be reconciled ,Lee from glanced at Wei Yong, really is no way ,the man is crazy ,he already gave you a chance ,but the opportunity only once ,since you want to kill me ,I stay with you that is woman ,I can no when Zhu Geliang seven escapement mind and skill UGG Classic Tall Stripe Boots,so you still go in peace .
Wei Yong just say it has storm ,only the Li Cong foot on him he missed ,alone ,is the world first killer in this difficult also hurt Lee from nothing , ha ha UGG Suburb Crochet Short,since Wei have their own ideas ,I will not force, I will send you on the road ,remember ,this is your own choice .
Li Congdou dressed ready to stand up and walk ,so he is to reconcile, but now it seems that it was their own wishful thinking ,the people still have the spine , do it off, don suffer ,burial .
Lee from leaving just a few words with his men march off ,Wei Yong hear the words .Li Cong out of the house into the three step UGG Mandah Boots,the house came the sound of a gunshot ,Wei last man then lie down, adumbrative also Li Conggen Wei imbroglio ended ,but it is not the end ,door ,Wei Qihua in Li Cong car before looking at the big step out of Li from .
You came, we hadn ? Wei Qihua does not cry to be troubled by ,Li from invited him here ,everything in the house she saw it, and now she is really dead at heart ,perhaps this to his brother is a relief ,or he alive also will only think of revenge ,a lifetime will not be happy .
To see and not see what difference does it make ,you asked me to let me look at these ?Now I finished reading ,I want to go back to ?Or you even I killed . Wei Qihua was not angry look ,as if just the house that the man does not have a relationship with her ,possibly from home and died at the moment, my heart is cold ,it was one of his idea ?But this is a matter of the society ,who do not want to find what are the man ?Love to give up a good man that things really can in reality ?Give yourself up Lee from also feel helpless things ,think of his father to his knees in that moment, he gave up his wrong ? thought was wrong, maybe when you do the right thing ,but I have to tell you ,do anything is a price to pay ,as you abandon me, it is your own fault ,the heath in the soul is created by you, my pain must have a a vent place ,they are ,I call you to tell you ,then you are free ,I with you friend is not done ,but the enemy and I don ,I gave you my brother a chance, but he did not cherish ,not for myself ,but for my own son ,attack die is my lucky ,if something happens to my son ,I think you are not happy ,goodbye .
Li Cong took a deep look at Wei Qihua ,at this moment, he felt as though there is liberated ,do not have to live in the shadow ,though his heart has a lot to say, but could not speak ,do not say good .
Still, if you want to kill me avenge your family .I hope you can give me five years ,five years his son grow up ,that can rest assured that the energy group to him . If Li Congbu said this sentence, Wei Qihua did not really want to kill Lee from ,listen to the words she knows ,he also has a son of ten years old ,may be it is the whole of himself ,all this is to own the emotional infidelity as punishment .
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