After reading three pre-season fast boat

October 15 [Mon], 2012, 11:08
After reading three pre-season fast boat, a replacement player impressive, it's spent 12 years in the NBA veterans Crawford, Jamal-Crawford. This 2009-10 season, the League best sixth man than a best sixth man Lamar Odom, Clippers, the current state is surprisingly good. Crawford in today's game, the winner was 8 shooting, resulting in 15 minutes 3 Dunks. Estimated that nike air max 2011 australia Crawford is not familiar to many fans, or only slightly impressed, he really is so inconspicuous, or too little. His effects team also was whitewashed, until 2009-10 before gaining access to the playoffs for the first time of the season. This is probably the reason for his obscurity. But if you look into the person's data book, you will find that he in fact capacity super strong. If you look at his game, and you will find some of his technique, were not even Kobe. Let out a few numbers: on July 26, 2001, Crawford cut down 52 points, but his opponent is the heat. 2007-08 season, Crawford is 20.6 points, three points hit the 35.6%, investment and 2.2 in three points. Starting from the 2004-05 season, Crawford never fell below $ 5 million annual salary, including now.

After reading this set of numbers, you may have on the impression that he is slightly improved, that we continue to see him that Bryant had no action. Section II by 3 minutes 37 seconds of the time, Crawford left bottom corner are Willie green pass, he was leaping high, after rising to its nike air max light for sale highest point, right hand tip the ball draw a rainbow-like arc, hollow on the net. After Crawford had just shot, also in the air, he inadvertently, head to the next to have a look. Just seems to be that: hit the ball, it was in the bag, don't stare. Perhaps another realm. Crawford, this ball is called the Rainbow ball, because his ARC is too high, too perfect. I'm afraid this is Kobe, nor do his degree. Perhaps Bryant's fans will say, that Bryant can do it, Crawford can do it? Inch has length, short, each has its own advantages.

In addition to his Rainbow ball, Crawford is also so I was surprised, that's his competitive status. To date, three pre-season Crawford each scored more than 15 points of the game, when the first game against the Denver Nuggets, the winner was 19 points in 14 shooting. Le Blanc-James, Kevin-Durant, Russell-Westbrook and other people well, it is due to their participation in the Olympic Games in London, has been training all summer games. Crawford is not, can relax and recuperate. But he didn't, and that perhaps he was able to stay in the NBA for 12 years, and the reason no big injuries. If Crawford stay that way, he will be the best Clippers sixth man candidate, the shock is also a League best sixth man. After Billups comeback, is likely to replace Willie green location, as the team first. By then, Crawford, location and time will not be affected in any way.
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