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Article 208 Chapter two books "Well, is not to mention the" Li Jian board with a straight face: "You are, why mention it?" Endeavor to comply Li Shizu ...... Huh? "Autocratic Imperial suddenly wake up surprise: "Li Shizu, you agree?" Li Jian snappily looked at him, smiled and said: "I can not agree with it? you Yang recruited and left Hong peaks, leader of the adults involved agree, I do not agree What's the difference? "Zhang flowers stood still, shaking his head;" They said the Chief disciples just misty Hall, if you do not agree, I never misty faction chief disciples, and the disciples ask is the latter, the former disciple is not look "good" Li Jian three consecutive good character, but also to stand up, Fu Zhang said: "Imagine that you really have backbone, rushed your own steadfast in upholding I have to give you your "sit and talk." Li Jian ordered, refers to the chair. Etc. Autocratic Imperial sat, of Li Jian pacing to break and walked, said: "In fact, the Tigers, you do not think Shizu is paranoid, just know that hate of Hong teach, do not know the grievances of the compassionate Well, I know either you practice the Su Huan Heart, people left Hong peaks will not give you this position, and you risked his life to the two exercises joint training, the Shizu natural can see you loyal to the ethereal kind heart. "" You are the youngest handed down a lineal second generation only Wenwen Hai, Xue Qing Lu Yueming, even if they restore the martial arts, can not let the left Hong peaks known, only without the knowledge of improper chief disciples, who can become? say, the other five are in addition to one of you, can not be said lineal, so that they took over as chief disciples is also the name of the correct words ring true. "" ...... "Li Jian secretive smile: "you to not to mention the chief disciple things, but the first thing to say you can treat the injured disciples, and you and I Shizu Liu cure,Oakleys Scalpel, you say, I can not support it Li Jian? "Autocratic Imperial quickly and stood up, hand over:" The disciples of his guilt, can not help some contribution, not to mention such things. "Oh, sit down, I did not blame you." affably: "you credit it is too large to say the least, is useless, first take a look at your chief disciples how to sit," "future, pointing Li Shizu lot," Autocratic Imperial modest Road. "Well, those are small thing." Li Jian nodded, then said: "Let's just misty faction chief disciples keepsake? The day but in the body into Yue, now gave you?" Autocratic Imperial shook his head: "listen Yang recruited left Hong Feng did not find the whereabouts of the keepsake only Yihuhuhuapiao the Lian Tong a, which sent a few days "absurd to" Li Jian wrist.: "They do keepsake only, you can only misty Hall chief disciples, if you want to become misty camp chief disciple, or will find a keepsake before "" Oh "Autocratic Imperial sighed, Chuan-Xiang teach large surprisingly, do not know that keepsake fall of Hong teach hands, or on the big temple or Masamichi Union hands, you let him go and look how? Let us now turn flowers back to the former mountain peak before the letter, nor to the peak of the red room, but directly to the small courtyard within Billiton Dan Church, ZHANG Xiao-hu said, the Du Feng Run-refining retreat pulse Dan drug, as chief big disciple that is responsible for the peak before the letter and the Baiyue Feng transactions, Zhang Xiaohua not neglect, it is estimated that trading in these two days, shall the surface things do fishes this small hospital to peak before the letter from him, has never spent a night. However, he will not wait for the entire small courtyard to watch over the children, and hear the sound of the knock on the door. "Why,Online Coach Special? Implying that easy Shimei?" Zhang flowers illegal channels. Can come to the hospital, the soul swept away, in front of the station is actually Du Feng Zhang Xiao frown, open the door, pretending to be surprised like hand and said: "So is DU brothers, I heard you closed-door practice internal strength, do not know whether the magic success? "Du Feng smiled and said:" Where, where, however is the occasional sentiment, this meditation practice for a few days, not to mention what a successful magic see Du Feng so humble, Zhang Xiaohua quite happy, he is not a high-profile person, people can not see the arrogance the heart delighted to own sinking Run veins Dan did not Mingzhuantou and. Then Zhang Xiao asked: "I do not know Du brothers then came to the next, is what's going on?" Du Feng Qi said: "Ren Young words strange things next to you of course Billiton Dan Church Church misty transaction Yeah, but also other matters it? "Zhang flowers strange:" a few days ago the brothers just told the next, he took over this herb and immortality exchange of things, how ... "Du Feng face thrown a elusive look, then smile: "Da brothers said yes, a few days ago, the next retreat, and that makes him do it this thing, but now there are more important things to do, so Qin Vice recruited me again to pull out "ha ha ha" Listen Du Feng said "pull", Zhang Xiao laughed: "Du brothers not out off sentiment which you really do not generally, how many days, not digest "the Du Feng Momobizai, said:" Any Young joking, but some small sentiment, already understand the next some want to be lazy just this ...... "Zhang the flowers shook his head and said: "Needless to say, you do not have to say, your misty Church disciples is also not easy to snatch half a day is not easy." any Young compassionate that is the best, oh, this is the details of the transaction, but also any Young inventory and future. "said Du Feng pulled from the arms of two of the old thick booklet, handed up. Zhang flowers somehow pick up, doubled, one of the booklet which is the name of the immortality, the other is the name and quantity of the herb Needless to say, that the immortality of the booklet is certainly Extension Dan Church to be provided to the ethereal Church, that herb is misty hall to the extension Dan Church, but the details of the transaction, flowers do not understand. See Zhang Xiao face the loss, Du Feng stepped forward, pointing to two booklets about blending relationship. Immediately Zhang flowers is to suck down a cold lump,Air Max Shoes, blurting out: "how black" finish, is some regret, but he is now Tinto Dan Tong duty as disciples, these words is a bit too much. Sure enough, Du Feng, a little strange to see Zhang Xiaohua, said: "This is your extension given by Dan Tong Trading Rules, I remember when this condition even harsh, struggle, recruited by my house again and again, to lower a lot, and became Young seen any. "" Oh, this misty Church really is pathetic, previously I've done a certain amount of mental preparation, know they are slaughtered sheep, ... I did not expect actually slaughtered so ruthless. Extension Dan Church immortality actually are more than people 10 copies of their herbs, which is doing what? Although misty Church disciples outsider, after all, the future is a relative a lot of fratricidal you see flowers thinking, Du Feng and whispered: "any Young Mo worry, just clear surface conditions, is to make disciples left Hong peaks look, let's actual operating did not in this book on the "" Oh? "Zhang flowers and frown, also lowered his voice, a pinch of the thumb and index finger, smiled and said:" That is to say, none of these ...... This account records ? "" Oh, of course. "said Du Feng is come up with a brochure from his arms and fed to the Road:" This is the dark account that we actually used to operate. "halo ~" flowers almost did not stumble, to look so complex, in the end is the fool Who? Zhang flowers do not take the dark account only pointing laughed: "we own accounts of why so thin?" Any junior in the sector do not understand? Our own accounts, of course, is to remember this in mind, remember or can not remember, just remember what the markings can be, of course, be able to save a lot of paper, "Zhang Xiaohua silent on this canon there are countermeasures things, it seems that no matter where you are, misty Church just pass into Hong teach, are no exception. Immediately, some flowers sank, where he will have thought to do these acts? The hands of the books also do not look, and gave Du Feng said: "DU brothers, this kind of thing, presumably previously of Billiton Dan Church brothers also done, you know how they do it, brother impatient these or partial Laodu the brothers , for me to do it "......" Du Feng some embarrassed, said: "can not do, only ... any Young, the next bad beyond it" anyway, DU brothers not an outsider, you do things my peace of mind. "Zhang flowers do not care, this immortality he did not intend to to Billiton Dan Tong nothing, a resale to Autocratic Imperial peak of notoriety in the beginning of the letter in addition to take liberties with no return, coupled with greed is no big deal "to see Zhang flowers trust yourself, Du Feng had to agree. "Oh, Brother Du, if there is not enough manpower, Xiao Gong crane, wood Tong Chun, who called in to help or around their promise and let them see if I have unfair misty Church "for Zhang Xiao additional requirements, Du Feng is silent, have shading two book, where there is no fair at all? Thought for a moment, had said: "Since any Young so to say, the next tomorrow tell them to help." Zhang Xiaohua nodded, his heart is puzzling taste, do not know when he first Billiton Dan Church and misty camp between simple herbs and immortality transactions actually there are so many tricky one is agreed to let Xiao Gong cranes in the next supervision, now, even if they want to be treated with a fair heart, it is impossible and , say to understand a little bit, even Xiao Gong He stood and watched the deal, how he was able to know the insider trading under the table? 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