Bayern President Hernes recently accepted the Germany media interview that he

September 13 [Thu], 2012, 16:06
Bayern President Hernes recently accepted the Germany media interview that he "big mouth", and on issues of concern to many people to express their views. When reporters asked him about Bayern of more competition when Hernes said Dortmund did not reach the level of Bayern Munich, let hyperfuse 2010 for sale your opponent with one or two times champions and there is nothing to worry about. Turning to Martinez move Hernes said expectations of 40 million was a bit more than Bayern Munich, but teams have money, can afford to pay. Interviews start Crown is Bayern Munich and many special topics, Hernes, Dortmund can suddenly win, but will never fall short of Bayern Munich level on influence, "I don't think Dortmund can be comparable to Bayern Munich, if you ask a fan in Beijing, you know that Bayern Munich is much, I dare say most would choose us. Bayern Munich 30 years of success is not available in the Dortmund, but never have any of a Bundesliga team can catch up us. They picked up 10 champions, may make them more famous, but Bayern are a world-class team of the Bundesliga. "It seems China this summer let Hernes has learned a great deal of self-confidence.

Recently Germany team underperforming, renewed criticism of coach Joachim, Hernes, such treatment for nike foamposite for sale Joachim, sometimes unfair, "some criticisms can be, some not. In the European Cup against Greece after the game, people have taken to the skies the Joachim, but what about after 3 days? He fell down. It cannot do this because the issue of one or two games to criticize him, that's not fair. I believe that Joachim was a good coach, he now needs to be done is to address pressures, as simple as that. ”

Bayern sporting Director Matthias Sammer and coach haiyinkesi "contradictions" attracted the attention of many people, Hernes said this is purely rumor, "yesterday in a meeting when Matthias Sammer also specifically talked about the team's situation, he and haiyinkesi cooperation, things lebron 9 elite for sale are going well. For now, the team all the best, as regards the problems haiyinkesi next year could leave, we don't want to talk about. Haiyinkesi and Matthias Sammer good cooperation, which I see is the case. "Final Hernes, referring to the topic of 40 million to buy Harvey-Martinez, Bayern Chairman has shown its domineering," 40 million to buy a player, so it's going too far for the price, I would have made this point. But here differences between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid Barcelona, we can readily check out cheques, we can't buy it people don't need credit, this circle of football can be a rarity right now. Worth I did not say that Martinez does not mean, of course, in my opinion he is a level players and Harvey-Fernando Alonso. ”
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