As one has 33 age of veterans

November 05 [Mon], 2012, 16:24
As one has 33 age of veterans, special section cells Lu career career field are to are 12 points and 3.1 times assists, this season has is Turkey in magic effectiveness of 9th a season, while as age of increases, special section cells LU of role has in gradually reduces, but its wide of vision, rich of experience, and penny 5 sale excellent of organization capacity, still is currently this support young of magic by needed of things, he of been ruled out, undoubtedly will will on magic of record caused must effect. Despite the auspicious start of the new season, the regular season, but the injury as the section grew, magic in the small forward that position has little available. In addition to serving as the first branch outside of Georgia, magic in this location, now will be left with 19 years of hakelaisi as well as dekuien-Jones, aged 22, and the two Rookie, no knighthood came in a game on chances.

For the battered State of the Lakers, Bryant is not very worried, 1990-1991 season, Bulls have run into the same situation, but they were still removing the season champion. "I know that this piece is, Bull served in 1990-1991 suffered three losing streak in the opening quarter of the season, chemical reactions occur to have a step by step process, must adopt its own approach to solve the penny 1 sale problem", says Bryant. Lakers open the season record terrible, natural Brown to blame, also outside of the finger at the Lakers coach. This does not brown too much, "I'm going to ignore the outside world questions", Brown said that "cannot be questioned about the outside world, even if initially led the Knights take 66 or 67 win win, they still would question me, the Lakers getting better, I'm not reading the newspaper or even watch talk shows, I have my own plan, and would be implemented step by step. ”

Because inside the defensive vacuum, Celtic suffered two losing streak, they adjust the lineup today, Jared-salinjie call into the first rookie player, Brandon-bath seat on the bench. It received good effect, Prodigy has only 2 points in 8 minutes at the start, in Landau, led by Celtic, flowers, leading to 19-2 made. Wizards coach began adjusting the lineup, Jordan-on Crawford, Serafin and other replacement players. After this bunch of replacements, offensive section II exception fast, they made a 17-6 attack, cast a replacement of the green army, help wizards 29-36 approached the score. Green army forced to suspend, Landau, focus back on the field after the pause, stabilizing pins of the green army.
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