Barcelona held a March

September 13 [Thu], 2012, 16:32
Barcelona held a March, a total of 1.5 million participation of Catalan luoniyaren. The March theme is old Catalan independence. President Rosel and the Barcelona boss than la Nova, had participated in the March. But the greatest concern is raised, but it is long before the United States hyperfuse 2010 for sale Guardiola. In March, Guardiola took video in advance, this video was played out on the big screen. Guardiola holding a paper, and vowed: "in New York, I cast a vote for you. "In this way, Guardiola expressed support for Catalan independence. In New York, the heart of Catalan Guardiola, has been shelling of the former club and national team teammate Alfonso. "Guardiola makes me very disappointed, whether as a player or coach, he is the representative of Spain. "Shelling Guardiola Alfonso on Twitter," in the national side, Guardiola for our success really happy? I have doubts about, this is really disappointing. ”

After the microblogging, Alfonso immediately sparked media attention in the West, he soon told radio Marca continue to blame Guardiola. "If he really thought he was a Catalan people, he shouldn't be put on Spain Jersey competition. Not for Spain effect kicks not on the World Cup and nike foamposite for sale the European Cup? This is just an excuse. "Guardiola Alfonso criticism," I think that anyone who feels they are not Spain, and it should not for Spain played, rather than Spain. No one should not go to the place where they don't want to go, this is about feelings, this is more important than football. When you put on a shirt, you must feel the glory, and swore to defend this Jersey. Now Guardiola had said so, I doubted whether he was really serving as Spain is proud of its international. "Philip Bosco once said that when he left Spain after the team, Guardiola is his ideal successor. But Alfonso did not look at it this way: "according to my understanding, that conflicts between him and charge of the national team. If he supported the Catalan, he taught not Spain. ”

Balishengrierman spent $ 66 million to Ibb and pedicle Asia package incurred under Ke-da Silva, Hiboult annual salary is of 14 million euros of which, beyond Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, for the deal, Rummenigge is disdained. "When I heard the Hiboult to join the Paris news, I simply had to stomach. His one year's pay, equivalent to Bayern Munich 5 year salary the sum to the Harvey-Martinez. "As Bayern Munich and the ECA (European Club Association) Chairman of the double Rummenigge, irony, Ibb and balishengrierman," Paris could not be spending 100 million euros per year in 5 years time (buy), do they want to spend more than earn? This is like a joke! ”

Not only is Hiboult lebron 9 elite for sale joined Paris, for now this bubble of of introduction aid market, Rummenigge is is offensive, especially Homer repeatedly hit money phenomenon, "Dang I see like Manchester City, and Chelsea these Club of hit money Shi, I can imagine with this must accompanied by with huge of loss, last year Manchester City of loss reached 200 million euro, Chelsea also losses has 80 million euro, to know, we are has such of obligations, to respect financial fair Bill, annually of debt cannot over 15 million (financial Bill in the provides). "Earlier, Rummenigge also has called for UEFA President Michel Platini intervened in time the Club much-money-burning phenomenon.
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