and emphasizes the demolition has all made

June 17 [Mon], 2013, 11:01
The 471st chapter in the Department of new song dry brings many tents, free of charge to temporarily did not build up the house of mud river county people to use, but also personally led many people, from door to door to send oil and rice, this home to twenty pounds, that give a full jar, Datang and Xinluo as close as a family. (vertex novel hands dozen novels) and emphasizes the demolition has all made of Wood County Magistrate fact, hope is not all people can give wood county magistrate for a little time, wood county magistrate must have difficulty, believe as a county magistrate parent wood as soon as possible to deal with the matter. Song Qian turned around, a few days back to this restaurant has gone to rest. Wood county magistrate had many tents are more anxious, money that was out of the tent, and now is better than nothing, because not only is the number of number,Oakley Pit Bull Sunglasses, no house 1/10 people, song free to dry, can not complain that he is giving less, stay in the palace, who do not give who very difficult. Seeing the new year draws near, the twelfth lunar month twenty that day, the county and the people conflict is not stopped, people find to ask, the officer to play out, the people in the neighborhood lobbying, sent police to investigate, so reciprocating cycle. Wood county magistrate to corruption money to many, it does not pursue, but to the original amount to the people, that is absolutely not enough. A heavy snow down, wood county magistrate is sick, cold heart people while frozen when the family, to cross the river mud to Datang party, have a rest just hard work, what would have done, if can leave will never go back. In twenty-three, the lunar year, Beijing is no exception, the palace's moment is not free, commanding a group began to sweep the dust, folk sacrifice. Frequent travel cable, who have relatives in the home, and to know the exact location, are willing to spend a little money to offer a safe. Perhaps is because of the telegraph messages, convenient, local state officials in advance for a long time began to propaganda the holy in the state capital of merit. People compared to the days before did better than many, especially the new born baby, dead less than before more than ten times, didn't appear to give birth to six or seven children, the last also won't leave the. See the state calls, by the powerful family and the local gentry leading, have in the people table thumbprint, to Beijing to see, distance, estimated time,Oakley Hijinx clearance, ahead of time or to wait, in the year this day confluent, sent to Beijing to Li Longji. According to Wang Juan gave Zhang Xiaobao said Li Longji like things, now does not appear. Li Longji the mounds of the nations table just happy to see, but did not dare to relax, know how vast the sea he already knew the small lake, in that place to listen to Zhang Xiaobao and Wang Juan said the 'shell' from the state land to the city, he also don't think what self-protection ability. With the Xinluo County People's Nihe centrifugal things deliberately put on his desk,Oakley Probation Sunglasses, Li Longji is ready to continue to make efforts, when Datang technology to find another powerful country, and a shell can fall into the other city besides > from the Tang capital
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