him perform a series of actions, listening to him their own

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 15:37
A reader from Zhangzhou sky, the sky an octogenarian is not only easy to get the word horse to call the newspaper of Zhangzhou News Hotline (0596-2022260) "

Even monkeys steal peach "," Mirs wings "nike air max 95 for sale
foot stand "a series of difficult moves are alone.

Yesterday, the reporter in the sky to see the legendary Warren --- 81-year-old Chen Rong Road, to see him perform a series of actions, listening to him their own



Own 4 strokes amazing

Chen Rong Road sub physique straight hair black and white, but hale and hearty, and not like a 81-year-old man. Done the preparatory actions for the elderly, easily


Practicing of "soft power", telling them, while practicing their own named four actions.

Saw Presbyterian hips sit, legs bent toward the top of the head from the chest, around the head, legs crossed on the back of his neck,cheap nike air max 87
and he maintained this position,

bend calm demeanor

Waist, the whole body is shaped like a bow, what we called "monkey steal peaches.

Followed by "Water in lunar exploration, the Lao Chen legs before and after separately, homeopathic slide down, sturdily and a" word "sit" down. Right leg forward,


Legs in the Presbyterian upper body gradually backward bending head Pillow legs, upper body into a bow-shaped arms also will be back, left leg and ankle at the hands

clinging to the last Lao Chen, finished

Became the movement of your legs do the splits. In addition, there are "Mirs wings", "foot stand", the action of skilled people marvel.

"If eyes can see, could not believe that this is the action of the over 80-year-old man to do it, the bones of the elderly than simply the child cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse
is still soft."


A friend said.
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