To share with you a memorable Christmas

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 12:55

To share with you a memorable Christmas dinner cheap nike air max tn shoesin Chicago, from my dress can know a long time ago, was very popular costume, in 1999, the home of an American girl

teaching in China, his father the UK from Europe , is a U.S. company engineers, mother from South America, Argentina, is a university professor, and their daughter

Lily is a good friend, I was in the film and television company TV programs to learn how to work on foreigners in China that Lily often involved in the program, she

will never come back in China, and so Christmas on behalf of her to go to Chicago to visit her parents in college sister.

A few days before Christmas, the mother and daughter began secretive, busy, busy during the day and busy night, everyone drew a lot of cards, but also bought a

lot of gadgets, Big box of stuff Christmas early in the morning to go to the post office to send to China's Lily, mailing costs over two hundred U.S. dollars is even

more expensive than the stuff in the box cost, but Mommy said value! I asked why they do not directly give Lily the money, let her buy things in China? Mommy said not

a question of money, the significance is not the same, which is the love of family Lily.
Around seven o'clock, the burst of Christmas music woke up, still wearing pajamas to the downstairs simply stunned the entire room big change: the fireplace was a

fire on the table decorated with red and gold wallpaper, the middle Candlestick surrounded by golden plates and spoons, forks, Christmas decorations gave me the

feeling of childhood imagination. Candlelight, fireplace the firelight, Christmas music, ah, thick Christmas atmosphere Tilting moment while the Bay! I began to
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fantasize about a good meal, because their house is a vegetarian, have not eaten meat for nearly a month, people are talking about their home meat hated, especially

sister think people who eat meat are bad guys, so in order to installed a good man, I could not even eat meat thing dare not mention. New York friends sometimes

deliberately call to lure me to say Where to eat hot pot tomorrow Where to eat French cuisine ..... jealous, greedy mouth water. Our Christmas dinner, I strongly

pressing his disappointment, filled look good to eat, I think our Chinese New Year feast at the biggest names in small bowl, delicious whole lot now ...... on

Christmas music , and the sound of their chat, start a special Christmas dinner unforgettable.
Dinner, Mommy proposed to walk outside, the sky snow, so few of us holding hands, dearly, go for a walk to go around at home, of course, out for a stroll, only

we. CCTV "economic half-hour" 21 Again disclosure: "road chaos has become a money-making tool of some local Highways traffic officers, the National Highway received a

fine of 270 billion yuan last year." Say "once again" because in the past time, half an hour CCTV economy has repeatedly reflect problems in the Highway fine.

Arbitrary institution card governance highway in 1994, arbitrary charges, fines start, it has been 18 years, however, the road three arbitrary phenomenon is not only

not disappeared, but a new guise, even overload can also be sold to the public access monthly pass. CCTV survey and unannounced visits, we can see the road fine in

fact, the source of income into local financial andnike air max 1 for sale cheap transportation Highways department, and even became a way of making money Highways staff and traffic police.
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