From the United States to return to Europe

October 30 [Tue], 2012, 11:31
From the United States to return to Europe, Dejan Stankovic began to persuade Jones, the Secretary-General, abolition of rules only amateur players to participate in FIBA competitions, for the United States nike air max alpha 2012 clearing the way best players participate in the Olympics. Dejan Stankovic not sure what Jones really think is, but Jones gives his orders is: don't do it! More than 10 years, FIBA requirement has not changed. While Dejan Stankovic in 1976 became the FIBA's Secretary General, but in the 1992 "dream team" before birth, he had never seen "magic" Johnson and Larry Bird, is only briefly seen Michael Jordan play at the 1984 Olympic Games. These three people, magician, Byrd, and Jordan is the best player on the planet at that time.

Support for Houston's Chinese, Lin Shuhao appreciate: "people do spontaneously, I am very grateful. For a player, and to have such support, it is an honour and I am very grateful. "It is learnt that the November 3 rocket pioneer first home game against competition, there will be at least 2000 Chinese nike air max terra ninety soccer fans to the scene to help out and gas and Lin Shuhao fans for wearing a uniform shirt, this grand, catching up to Houston in 2002, Yao has just set off heat. However, there is one view, players Yao Ming is from China, and landing has been playing for several years in China before the NBA ball, was already a star in China before you came to the NBA. Lin Shuhao is American, he is not a traditional Chinese cultural idols, so his influence in China should be limited.

But after all this Morey get zhanmusi·hadeng transactions have become different. Although Thunder has always been playing a sixth man role, but Marcia gay Harden's absolute strength sufficient to serve in any team's first episode. Finals last season may harden the reputation hit some discounts, but as a three-minute, breaking through the sharp, capable of projecting organizational talents and qualities are also very good for young players, this flaw is simply growth episode on the road. Harden has not commensurate with his age of calm and mature, he has a high basketball IQ, some people he considered to be a new generation of Gino Billy, because they both play the role of sixth man, are all left-handed. However, Marcia gay harden in my view is more like a healthy version of the bulandeng·luoyi. As the point guard has controlled the team's rhythm, can strike at a crucial time fatal, could also be mobilized through the pass team-mate, this is the ideal direction for development, is that Morey would like to see Marcia gay harden.
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