Nick wage table next season

October 03 [Wed], 2012, 16:51
Nick wage table next season, Felton's only ranked sixth in annual salary, but if all the players do a stress test, he would squeeze the top three, only behind Anthony and xiaosi. Felton stress, Lin Shuhao location cheap foamposites 2012 is first of all because he took over, people will inevitably compare him crazy and forest; and secondly because, last season, and his performance is really so bad, overweight, sickly, poor shot selection, the second half of the season a lot of home games, as long as he took the ball, pioneer fans would be greeted with boos. On media day, Felton don't hesitate "when I went to Portland, and really bad. Halt is really long, I rested too, because I think the season could claim as a whole, so little training. Until the season starts, I slowly recover, but by then it was too late. ”

Felton can calmly review this history of humiliation, because he believes he has recovered. Ten days ago, he received a Kidd (micro-blog) calls, the future Hall of Fame charged Wei invited him and join his team-mates trained, Felton is pleased to go and become one of the most hardworking players. Training camp began, reporters found in New York, last season's "trick" thin down, Nick members of management who says, "look, he had turned back to 2010 the Raymond Felton. ”

In 2010, Felton put Nick on jerseys for the first time, that season, before trading until it is Nick, he made a career nike air penny 3 for sale best standards, are 17-9 assists, is considered to have reached all-star standards. If the future really be able to go back to that time, Nick he spent $ 4 million a year, the absolute value. Anderson has not been announced Nick NG, first of the new season, it was widely felt that, Felton comes before base de played a major. Controlled Wei, one of the top ten history under pressure in the body How? Felton said: "Don ' t make me laugh, we all know what Kidd is the player when he was young, not who's stronger than him. Even at 39 years of age, he is also very competitive, I can learn a lot from him. "Nick to sign Kidd, this is to let his coaching Lin Shuhao, mended Felton became the beneficiaries," I particularly hope that season to get started, I know a lot of people behind me to point the finger, I have something more to prove. ”
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