Protective Swimwear for children

August 17 [Fri], 2012, 16:06
Babies and children have very delicate skin and special care should be taken when they are exposed to the sun. In some areas of the world, this is no problem, but for families who live in very hot places or like travelling to sunny spots this is a very important issue.

My children were born in Southern Spain, where the designer swimwear
thermometers easily reach 40°C + during the summer. The sun in that part of the world is strong and blinding so one must be very careful with young children’s skin. In fact most Spaniards in the area only take their babies out for a walk along the seaside after 8 at night, midnight being the preferred strolling time during July and August!

Of course I could not stay at home all day swimsuits for women
with the children so I tried most sunscreens on the market, soon to find that young children just rub it off, sometimes dangerously near their eyes. Fortunately enough on one of my shopping trips I found the perfect solution UV protected swimwear for babies. I was a bit incredulous at the start but after a few tries I was absolutely convinced of how effective they were. I bought several pairs, in different sizes and colours for both my boy and girl. It was great; the sun suits paired up with UV protected sun hats were perfect to allow us to stay all day at the pool or the beach without any signs of skin damage.

It has been a few years now since the Sinful Bikini Swimsuit first time we tried out our first UV swimwear and I can honestly say that my children have never been sunburnt, not even in the hottest and brightest of summers. We have spent whole days on the beach or at the pools and even walking under the Californian sun and never had any problems with over exposure to the sun.

Taking care of your UV swimwear:
To avoid damaging the fabric and its protection, follow ED Hardy Swimwear carefully the washing instructions. Mine lasted a long time as I always washed it after every use under cold running water (never put it in the washing machine). Also it is best if you just let it dry in a shaded place rather than under strong sun. Never use the tumble drier for your swimwear.

The Kids Window Speciality children's swim wear includes sunproof tops, bottoms and suits to help protect children from harmful UV rays. Their children's wetsuits keep kids warm in and out of the water - whatever the season, so there's no need to stop swimming when the summer is over.