Production Features of Clinker Pulverizer Machine

August 21 [Thu], 2014, 14:52

Clinker grinding mill is also known as cinker mill, clinker pulverizer machine and clinker grinding machinery, which is a set of large grinding equipment, combining drying, grinding, fine powder selection and conveying together.

This girnidng machine has the following characteristics:

1. grinding material adaptable, can be used for grinding a variety of raw materials and fuels, such as limestone, sandstone (Si02 90%), coal, cement clinker, blast furnace slag, etc.. Regardless of their grindability, abrasiveness how, through internal restructuring of the mill and reasonable operation, can produce different fineness, different than the surface area of qualified products.

2. high grinding efficiency, using the the material bed squeezed crushed principle, by the RCC, shear, impact the role of material in the clinker grinding mill. Mill airflow finely ground materials in a timely manner to bring out, to avoid excessive grinding, the material stays in the mill time is generally 2-4rain, for 165% of the ball mill grinding efficiency, power consumption can be reduced by about 30%.

3. high drying efficiency, the hot air from the annular slit spray people, high wind speed, large ventilation cross-section mill, small resistance, using the preheater exhaust gas can be dried to moisture content of 8% of the material, if hot stove can be drying aqueous 15% to 20% of the materials.

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4. people grinding materials a large size, generally up to 5% of the diameter of the grinding rollers, the large mill feed size of up to 150 ~~ 200mm, equipment and technology superior performance, single output, high rate of operation of equipment, metal wear than ball mill.

5. shortcomings of clinker grinder is not suitable for the grinding of hard and abrasive materials, wear parts expensive than ball mill, ball mill, hoist it replaced, the powder equipment compared to the total amount of maintenance is still seems simple maintenance, easy and workload.

6. the process is simple, compact layout, low cost of routine maintenance, can be open-air setting, infrastructure investment is about 70% of the grinding mill.

7. finished product quality control is fast, flexible adjustment of product, easy operation intelligent, automated.

8. the overall tightness small dust, low noise, and superior environment.

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