The Lendu, spokesman of the Kachin Independence

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 18:19
The Lendu, spokesman of the Kachin Independence Army, said this is the first Myanmar army shelling directly pull Zan. In this regard, AFPnike air max 95 360 womens sale 15 quoted presidential spokesman in Myanmar leaves as saying the government does not have relevant information, but the Burma Army did not purposefully attack civilians. Let the Chinese side of the border, heavy artillery roaring clear, let the people gathered in the streets of the country in front of, talk and see. Pull Zan bus 1 hour after the shelling occurred, that nation to resume operations, the frontier normal, no pull 咱 people pour into scenes. 15, 2009, and the cannon echoed still in the border area, pull we operate factories in China Yunnan Baoshan Mr. Zhao said, "Global Times" reporter aircraft bombed pull on Zan hills, the Kachin central headquarters, he has let his The workers returned to the Chinese side of me away from the door close, non-withdrawal of non-time, never too late.

Yunnan Province, relevant departments are located in that nation's front-line person in charge of the headquarters, "Global Times" reporter confirmed on the 14th, and 12 at the end of last year, Myanmar three shells falling into Chinese territory, after which there is no similar incidents. But state from the pull we too close, this official said, although the Chinese side has done the greatest degree of emergency preparedness and the full plan, it is difficult to prevent the opposite of war spread to that state. The worst case would be the ground battlefield till the border of northern Burma conflict, when the shells may be straying into the side of China, northern Burma refugees will enter that state on a large scale.

The 15th in northern Burma pull Zan mountain, the Kachin refugee camps constituted by the hundreds of tents and board room has to accommodate the many border of Kachin people ran from the theater. The Kachin people defected to the Chinese side's relatives or temporarily in that Bangbin Museum. The Kachin people dragging a seven lalangnike air max ltd womens uk
said temporary over Duoduo war, and then go back and so secure. The China headquarters responsible person is not revealed to reporters that a specific number, only to escape the fighting in that state said far not thousands of so much. "Global Times" reporter can see, orderly let three or four square kilometers of the town center, the locals life as usual, the number of asylum did not seem to pressure that state. China has not been enabled in the preparations for the four refugee settlements.

For external heat transfer China to send troops to the Sino-Burmese border, according to the "Global Times" reporter learned, let the town about the situation, set up card to the border direction increases, border guards stationed at the increased strength. On a winding road leading to that state only in the past few days, reporters did not see any armed forces or to carry personnel and equipment, military vehicles, a number of many SWAT teams Pradesh town center is the main garrison forces, they heavily armed, 24-hour patrol, observed and recorded in real time using video equipment. The person in charge of the local frontline headquarters, the 14th of the "Global Times" reporter explained that regular border defense drills, not for the war in northern Burma from the situation itself did not to that extent. However, the official did not disclose this when the SWAT nike air max 2012 womens uk saleteam from Dehong zipper to that state's withdrawal from the border area.
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