Best New Product of TaylorMade R11 Driver

December 31 [Sat], 2011, 16:43
There's no doubt that this driver was the best new product of 2011. I see these Oreo cookie-looking things all over the place. They're on the Tours and all over the muni's that I play. Maybe it's just that I notice them more because they stand out so much.The first time I had the opportunity to hit one, I was on my favorite driving range in Florida and I noticed a crowd of six guys standing around a man ripping drives to the back of the range. Most of his shots had a penetrating ball flight that started out right and drew back to the left. Then one of the guys said, "Can you hit some fades?"
TaylorMade R7 XR Driver(Black)

Sure enough, he started hitting high-booming fades that hung in the air like a balloon. I stepped up and asked him if I could hit a couple,the driver has always looked ugly to me with the vanilla ice cream crown and the coal black face, but one thing for sure with that contrast, I can easily tell at address if I'm lining it up square.It was evening, so I couldn't tell if the anti-glare white paint performed as advertised. I can tell you, however, that it felt very light probably because it has a 440cc clubhead. This is smaller than I expected.

My first shot I hit dead straight. The ball shot of the face like a bullet, flew high, and landed rolling hard. I asked the gentleman if the club had been adjusted, because it has several different face setting from open to closed. He said it was set to neutral. I hit a couple draws and then handed it back to him.I can see why the club is popular. It is very easy to swing and work the ball, and the color scheme is growing on me.
TaylorMade R11 driver

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