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珍惜眼前人 / 2007年05月22日(火)



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思想出軌﹖ / 2007年05月21日(月)

死啦~我覺得我好似思想出軌~好似對呢個男仔有D好感=_= 好似玩緊火~不過我知道自己好愛我男朋友~我男朋友又好愛我~點算呢﹖係我想得太多﹖ 我唔想變第2個DORIS呀XDXD AIYA~我覺得自己好衰-___-!!!
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^-^ / 2007年05月19日(土)
終於晌YU屋企上到無線網~呢排識到好多人~今日認識到晌輝立證券做經紀既朋友仔。我下個月同阿如去開免費股票戶口啦~收到可靠TIPS 355呢隻股幾好。諗住入一手玩下~都係$600姐~我要晌股壇出發=V= 打工無錢途~~~趁後生要博下!!!!!!!!呢排好似好多人都對我有好感xd 唔知係咪我太敏感=0 不過有人緣都係一件好事黎=]
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=] / 2007年05月16日(水)
我老公仔尋晚番屋企話想買人壽保險><"因為他有肝炎 要年年驗身 話如果買了保險 第日有梼俣s有筆錢晌到 講到自己就去GUM~ 我話 [你唔可以掉低我一個 起碼養多我八十年 Kakka~!!!!!]
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霸王山莊 / 2007年05月15日(火)
last nite i had dinner with nico and my bf..he paid at the end as expected hoho* we ate at tst..very nice setting! nico also said ar yu has alot to say.. lol"" i think i had a wisdom tooth growing inside my mouth >.< it hurts abit but i felt better today.. hope i dun need to take it out as it is expensive! and i prefer not to remove any of my teeth..
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=] / 2007年05月14日(月)
happy late's mother's day! on saturday night, i had dinner with my parents, my grandparents and my hubby =] i bought my mum a titus bracelet watch hoho~ yesterday, his parents went to china..so i went back ma on shan took my notebook to his house as i plan to stay at yu's home for another 5 days.. watched Butterfly Effect2..not too good wo..>.< and i cooked spaghetti as breakfast for both of us..and he cooked dinner for me!!
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home / 2007年05月10日(木)
最近越來越少番馬鞍山 -_- 我諗起碼5日無晌自己屋企訓過 ~ 因為如果我爸同媽唔晌香港我一定會去男朋友到訓 (何況有時晌香港我都照去訓) 因為我漸漸發覺一個人住真係好悶定抑或係如如比到太多家庭溫暖我呢 ~嘻~ 不過我今晚會番入馬鞍山因為我爸媽回來~~~同埋我無灘フ著晌慈雲山 -_-!!!!今晚同聽晚都番自己屋企~後晚到星期一晚都晌九龍~YEAH!!!頭先一行五人去食super sandwich...*yum yum* 我食baked potato..真係好好味 =] 經歷過月經風雲之後我暫時都算無晒野煩!!!!!!!太好啦!!!!!等等等到11月就可以去日本!!!!!!!
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MMMM / 2007年05月08日(火)
M來了~足足遲了一個月...谷了一個月~媽丫﹗ ﹗ ﹗ 不過遲到好過無到 @@....尋晚集唐心好正呀~好耐未試過有都唔去要趕番屋企睇電視~仲要係睇Ch姐<<未登天子位 先置殺人刀 >> !!!!!!!!仲要啤一啤關菊英~未試過一套劇集集追完同同事傾劇情。 真係唔睇無話題LOL~
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=] / 2007年05月07日(月)
好耐無打過日記喇~呢排實在太忙 =_= 不過我老公仔尋日同我放假 ^^我地行完新城市去買宋~他整了魚香茄子煲 ﹐粟米羹﹐ 抄豬什 ﹐ 叉燒炒芥蘭同阿如蚊雞翼比我同他父母食 =] 好開心呢 ~ 仲有我地呢排兩個都好勤力做運動 ~~~夏天真係要減下 -_-!!!
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the best is yet to come..;) / 2007年05月02日(水)
yu has started to work in my dad's company now and im still not sure whether he likes it or not as it is quite a different working environment with his previous job. i went to work with him today, however, other workmates dun know my identity in my dad's company so it looks strange when we are together ..and they even asked him who i am after i left. it seems like a drama -_-" but i know everything will turn out fine and all the best~! from now on, my baby can spend more time with me on every sunday ^0^ and last nite we had dinner with laney. before that, went to catalog and shop shop shop. he bought a pair of superstarI and a shirt. i got the adidas coin bag and le coq sportif umbrella for free hehe..;) so cute of him.. and he looked soo nervous this morning.. sweating like hell..im very concern whether he likes it or not rather than if he can perform well..
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