spandex catsuit

July 14 [Thu], 2011, 18:55
My favorite costume would have to be my tiger zentai suit. I worked on it for about 6 months. What took so long were the wings. I fashioned them out of wire and covered them with red cloth. Then glued red and black feathers on them. I also made a mask out of paper Mache with a long beak. I wore a simple long black dress. pretty nice effect. My second favorite would have to be my golden imp costume. I threw this together in a few days. I wore a gold bathing suit, an orange sheet fashioned as a toga, and my gold horns. spandex suitThis was for my Latin club, passing out candy on campus to neighborhood kids.

I was a Titanic victim the year the movie came out, and went for REAL authenticity. I was really influenced by the scene where the lifeboat came back to look for survivors and you saw the dead woman in her lifevest holding her baby. I found a long navy flowered skirt, an assymetrically ruffle-neckspandex catsuits blouse (very immigrant looking), and a pair of short black lace up boots from Goodwill, a plaid shawl from Target, and ribbed black tights. Found the cheapest baby doll possible, painted her face light blue and lips purple, and wrapped her in a blanket. I did my own face pale blue and my lips deep purple as well. Washed my hair and put in this “wet look” hair gel, then as it dried, I painted salt into the front and sides to look like frost. The crowning touch was a life preserver I bought spandex catsuitfrom a pool supply store and stenciled “HMS Titanic” on.

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