Do you want to decorate your face without hairstyle and make-up?

May 02 [Wed], 2012, 15:26
Do you want to decorate your face without hairstyle and make-up? Then try to choose those foods with a large amount of Kalium because kalium can promote the metabolic function of humans and solve various problems caused by improper eating and living habits.

If you want to have a V-shaped face, True Religion UK then you should not miss the following recommended foods.

Even a small amount of spinach contains a large amount of Kalium, vitamin A and vitamin C. But you should pay attention to the cooking methods because spinach are food that can lose nutrients easily. Besides, spinach contains a large amount of carotene and iron. It is also the main source of of vitamin B6, folacin, iron and kalium. Tiffany Beads Bracelets The abundant iron can help to cure iron deficiency anemia and make people have rosy complexion. Thus it is regarded as a kind of skin-care food.

I think those nutritious carrots can not find any favor among many people when they are young. But do you know that carrots can help to shape your face. To take a cup of fresh honey carrots juice is good for your skin. Carrots contain a large amount of vitamin which can stimulate the metabolism of skin and promote blood circulation and thus make your skin tender and soft. Carrots do have a positive impact on skin care. Meanwhile, carrots can also be used to solve skin problems like dryness and roughness.

Like the above food, celery is of great nutritious value and can promote oral activities. Celery is delicious and healthy no matter how you eat them, Tiffany Rings Sale either eat cooked celery or eat them raw. In addition, celery can not only help to avoid pale complexion but also make eyes shiny and hair black.

Easily-preserved natto is a necessity of the breakfast of Japanese. Although many young people do not like the flavor of natto, there are abundant kalium contained in natto. It can be regarded as one of those food that can contribute to health and longevity. Tiffany Bracelets UK In recent years, according to the research of Japanese medical scientists, the protein contained in beans has indissolubility. Once they are made into natto, they can be dissolved and produce amino acids.

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