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April 19 [Fri], 2013, 11:53

Not after getting up, John just starts hard examining a this young little barbarian and also just understands this little barbarian's brain to be different from his appearance similar thick Hao and cuts and polishes to probably seek some books to make this little barbarian read the first reading, probably will appear a surprise. Is unique to make John feeling annoyed BE, why literally a persons all have good natural endowments than he or she, even this robust barbarians all raise quickly than they, Wholesale 59fifty hats again come to ascend for several days so, oneself is about to be probably black-and-blue and everywhere to seek a tooth. Seem also only eat more some bitterness, so as to catch up the territory of entering of other people. John still has never dared cheap 59fifty hat to see pull rice Er mountain is one eye, each time summon up courage to turn head to see toward this mountains all just as at the beginning, the head turns over there, but eyes shut ascend. This day, section many men early rise early again and run to John's room, room inside but is empty none person, stayed Zhang Zhi just on the bed, wait I to come back. John is Wholesale 59fifty hats full of worry facial expression Wholesale 59fifty hats difficult see of jump a yard, sign to settle on the spot, Ba Dun again seek to come come. "Good boy, let last time you before the public under made fun Custom NFL Jerseys of some kind of, put you to walk, saw you escaping where this time", one face of Ba Dun brilliant face malicious custom NFL Jerseys fierce and definitely cut off, make a decision not to wait this flippant guy to talk and then is a precept for him. What John felt sorry for saw Ba Dun Yi's eye and lightly shook to shake head and sighed an one breath, Hun however don't feel linger around a gold color Dou spirit of fist already near at at present. John remains calmly, although that stops chilly Dou on the at custom NFL Jerseys present fist to annoy piercing face. "Do you Custom NFL Jerseys know that why she doesn't likes you", John lightly says. Dou spirit immediately dissipation, the fist still stops before John's

eyes and have already taken among the Ba Dun tone nervous and missing, "why". "Wait I to come back to tell you", John twists a body to walk, the cheeks tightly sticks Ba Dun's fist, Ba Dun buy new era online even can feel in his face of warm up. Appear another shocked at John of saint top of hill offense town people, the early risers are silent to look at that small of the figure is slow-moving ex- go, Ba Dun stands on the dime of street, face last absolute being

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