Mancini Manchester City a knife with waste so take his strongman + money for Cavani Faint!

August 06 [Tue], 2013, 11:48
For Manchester City, Chelsea, in St. Louis with a friendly, until the second half was played some of the flavor. Lianban four balls to win, Manchester City staged a reversal. In this reversal, the Manchester City Dzeko is undoubtedly the number one hero. Today's game, Dzeko until the second half off the bench. The first 65 minutes, Manchester City hit back, then Milner Dzeko edge of the area forward pass, an accurate record scorer, the score became 2-3 after 10 minutes, Manchester City won the corner kick, Dzeko header attack door wide of the door frame. After 1 minute, he got the ball letting Tevez shooting opportunity, but unfortunately the ball wide. After 84 minutes, Carlos Tevez right crossing the ball, find the exact restricted area Dzeko, Dzeko did not live up to the good pleasure of his teammates, he restricted the central low shot, the ball into the far corner, the score thus becomes 3-3. In such a late-season friendlies and scored two goals, and perhaps nothing, because we all know, the end of season friendlies closer to the exhibition, and its importance even better than the pre-season warm-up match. But do not forget, Manchester City's opponents, is the same as the Premiership giants Chelsea, and both sides in the lineup is in fact on the other, are the semi-main battle. Earlier, in the Premier League or the European arena, and dominant in the duel between giants never Jiaoruan, Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, including Tottenham, Liverpool have all become the dominant factors ghost sword, but but only Chelsea's goal has never been dominant broken. In the summer of 2013, killing over Dzeko has finally become wealthy killer. In fact, just past the 2012-2013 season, the three Dzeko Manchester City striker (Tevez, Aguero and himself) in one of the least playing time. Throughout the season, he played a total of 45 times, a total of 2,509 minutes, while Carlos Tevez and Aguero played 3371 and 2709 minutes, respectively, but in the number of goals, and Dzeko scored a total of 15 goals, while Aguero and special Davis scored 17 and 16 respectively, the ball. While in the league, played 1817 minutes, scoring 14 goals Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko is king, and Aguero and Carlos Tevez played 1939 and 2409 minutes, respectively, were 12 goals and 11 .However,if you are interested in football shirts,you may love cheap soccer jerseys, the quality of shirt is also as good as original product.Well, let's continue talking about football news.. Dzeko averaged 129.78 minutes they scored a goal, while Aguero and Carlos Tevez scoring average duration reached 161.58 and 219 minutes. Three striker, Dzeko playing time at least, but he is an absolute efficiency of the Blue Moon team king! Dzeko less playing time, of course, not his own problems, but Mancini's responsibility. But his efficient, certainly not lack the attention. After spending a "nothing concrete," the season, Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini has been fired, the incoming coach Manuel Pellegrini. New season, Manchester City striker necessarily need to be adjusted, according to the "Daily Mirror" reported that Manchester City has become increasingly close to Naples Cavani up. In the Naples area, and finally nodded his release, but the condition is Zheke Jia cash to be exchanged. Naples club president Germany Lawrence said: "I told sporting director Ricardo, take the opportunity to talk to Manchester City Dzeko, Cavani to see if they are willing to do what?." "Daily Star newspaper," said Clarence in Delaunay seems Cavani worth 50 million pounds, while Dzeko worth only 2,700 pounds (early 2011 move to Manchester City from Wolfsburg when the price), so in addition to Manchester City pay Dzeko, but also add a cash. Manchester City are willing to use the efficiency of the king and Cavani squad exchanged, it seems to make a decision by the Pellegrini. With Bayern Munich won the Champions League trophy 2012-13 Euroleague season officially came to a close, that is, the turbulent transfer market has officially kicked off, the major giants is already getting ready to make a big one Fan, but a little bit of regret that this summer's European football's most shocking perhaps about to finalize a transfer transaction and officially announced, needless to say, this person is Falcao. French giant emerging from Monaco to Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City's hands grabbed the front of the Colombian gangsters, really eye-popping, from the news yesterday, the major French media announced Falcao has arrived in Monaco clubs physical examination, no accident, then, the Atletico Madrid striker will soon officially join Monaco. However, a Falcao is clearly not able to meet the giants Monaco boss dream, in "Tiger" before the Monaco club has to cost 70 million euros Porto midfielder who spent packaged binary Rodriguez and Mu Dini Oh, you know the former Manchester United has been the quest objectives, while Moutinho has been linked with Premier League club have not been broken, Tottenham and Chelsea are interested to acquire, surprise, "grab a Cheng Yao Jin "Come, stir the Premiership giants congregation dream. However, these three people probably just Monaco beginning of a buying spree this summer only, from the Spanish media revealed that Barca goalkeeper Victor Valdes has also been rushed to Monaco in the road, while those from the British media, "Daily Star" of sources, Club Monaco has eye on the former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov standard king. Already 32-year-old Bulgarian striker from Manchester United last year after a move to Fulham this season for the new club in the Premier League, scored 15 goals this year to 30.75 million pounds of high-priced move to Manchester United from Tottenham Striker state is still high Biao, "Daily Star newspaper," said the club in Monaco frustrated introduction Tevez case, the introduction of 3075 Mr. Wan Ababa mate Falcao has become a viable option. Meanwhile, the "Daily Mail" said the Monaco club is also preparing to strong buy Manchester City captain and defender Vincent Kompany, and its out of a 26 million pounds of high-priced, but given the current Manchester City coach not yet in place, do not rush blue moon rise and Monaco to hold talks on matters relating to the transfer of Kompany. Meanwhile, Barca also chasing Kompany.
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