May 28 [Fri], 2010, 7:41
Well....what can I say?
I know I said I'm not going to fall in love with him, but oh well.
He said he wants our meeting to be a date.
So yessss, when we'll meet, it's going to be a date.
Yesterday when he went out with his friends he was writting me 3 times, telling me what is he doing. :D
And honestly now I don't care what people say.
Okay,maybe it's not going to work. But if I never try, then how the hell should I know that?!

So yeah....actually it's getting harder to know that I can't hug him or snuggle to him when I want.
Okay,I want it in every minute.
Just like I did not so long ago. He called me and we talked 40 mins.
It was awesome. I love his voice and his laugh. :3
He was sleepy so I told him he should go and sleep.
He was like "Yeaaah,but you are not next to me."
I melted into a puddle. xD

So I like him a lot.
And I want to meet with him.
And want to...hug,snuggle,kiss and etc. with him. :D
With my Lulu.

So I hope the rest of the girls and boys will leave him now, cause I'm not giving him to anyone.

I'll show some new pictures about me. xP

Hope you like them! ;]

Okay,that's all I wanted.
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Zacky is my name.
I live in Hungary,
in middle of Europe.
I love japanesa music,
Dir en grey and
Kyo is my obsession. <3
I hope you'll enjoy my blog.
Feel free to write comments.
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