strength enough to the sword statue

May 31 [Fri], 2013, 15:05
Sorry? Steel silver eyes ant three blade emperor level, seventy-one purple giant teeth ants, termites massive ordinary fierce beast, plus Hagel sword respect level, ha ha ha... At this time I make big money! Also, I have a breakthrough to light gold Gangjin degree now, strength enough to the sword statue ranks, but only general sword statue started strong is not my opponent?" Mouth provokes a faint radian peak, mood is very cheerful. "Yes, you know a treasure hunt rats, I had to follow him to come here." Eyes a bright, peak suddenly rang out this matter, patted his head, smiled and asked, as to the meaning, nature is self-evident. "Master, I know that, but we treasure hunt rats is five s è Yan Sen big boss couple good brothers, I am afraid it is difficult to arrest him." Slightly after pondering, Hagel is open again. Hagel is after, is a recognized peak for the owner, but still have their own thinking, unless it is meet for Buddhist studies more profound Buddha, to untie his degree, makes it again to restore the original x ì ng. However, this Odin, Buddha practitioners do not know what, it is not possible for someone to help him solve the degree of. Oh? Big boss couple? Hagel, you will have five s è Yan Sen pattern of forces to I say, I was very interested." Eyes a bright, openings way summit with interest. "Yes!" Hagel head slightly bowed,Oakley Sunglasses M FRAME Cheap, slightly organized about the language, is the start to peak about. With the Hagel story, all about five s è Yan Sen is shown in front of the peak. The original five s è Yan Sen as one of ten big fierce, in addition to entrance hidden and clinking, most zh ō ngy ā ng forests have psychedelic visual effect, is because of the terrible strength! Five s è nightmare, a total of four head sword respect level fierce monster,Coach Poppy Collection, called big boss, two head, three head, four head, and Hagel is five s è Yan Sen's four leader. Big boss is a sword in order to respect the top female X ì ng ice dragon, the two leaders is a head sword statue of primer peak male X ì ng fire dragon, the two dragon strength extremely powerful,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, more couples, can be said to be five s è Yan Sen real overlord, ruler. As for the three chief was a blood lines purple evil python. Thirty-one blade emperor level fierce beast called the elders, which is with a comparable sword statue of fierce monster, but these blade emperor fierce beast in the first, five s è Yan Sen's elders, be in four big boss. And the elder, is hundreds of head sword King level fierce beast, the fierce monster is divided in the elder's patrol, act as the main, each of which is the strongest. In addition, is some fencing master high order peak levels of fierce beasts, they were at the bottom of the five s è Yan Sen members. As for those with a fencing master high order peak less than the fierce beast, but including five s è nightmare, a member is not. Five s è nightmare forest region extremely vast, travels all the growth of a five s è giant trees, very magical, but because too dangerous, rarely reach. >
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