2002.06.03 [Mon] 19:43

This eye that cannot face truth squarely
will be decisively kept closed.
Then, a useless tear does not flow out, either.

2002.06.03 [Mon] 20:20

sound sounds and
existence of a new key is reconfirmed.

2002.06.03 [Mon] 20:34

It gets drunk with the
scent which a cherry tree emits.
It was confused by the scent
and I became that he is likely to be missed.
However, it still does.
By the next holiday.

2002.06.03 [Mon] 20:39

This important language
was compared with light
so that it might be legible to you.
Then, behind big shade was produced.

2002.06.03 [Mon] 20:54

Only for my mother and you,
those to whom he likes parsley
and it loves me as far as I know are.

2002.06.03 [Mon] 20:55

An every day 23 o'clock rule thing.
And uneasiness is swept away.
The essence of sex will be lost if not wished.

2002.06.04 [Tue] 00:16

For example, anesthesia.
For example, serum.
For example, nutrition.
For example, a toxin.
By the way, it is a drug.

2002.06.04 [Tue] 23:44

Only always the filth about
which the thing
which falls from here does not make an effort,
either, but it is sad.

2002.06.04 [Tue] 23:52

My time signal is him.
It will be meaningless if different for 1 second.
Therefore, a screw is also turned today.

2002.06.04 [Tue] 23:59

Even if the line which connects
him and me has torn apart metaphor sky,
it is completely unrelated to me.