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May 16 [Thu], 2013, 11:16

Because the phone was accidental drowning, this Freak in order to rescue themselves came up with a great love of people and ideas to serve their own cell phone dry. Although the party only How specific does not show him the extraordinary acts, but from the itouch cases signs look survey team to the conclusion fits perfectly , Comes from a microwave's hands. Galaxy s III blasts Current has come to an end, Samsung officials also had announced to the entire survey results for this event. Although, as This is not clear "explosion" was the sort of mode of thinking of that kind of behavior, but at least Samsung has told us, Galaxy s-III places outside of the microwave oven is safe, so you can rest assured that use. Red version sold Samsung Galaxy s-III 2012.7.29 daily news,

AT&T will be put on sale exclusively red Galaxy s III ", red pomegranate provides for the GS3 has officially opened. Custom Red Galaxy SIII will have 16GB and 32GB two capacity versions, two-year contract price is $ 199.99 And $ 249.99. By real machine photos and put on "hongzhuang" Galaxy s III and it was enchanting. It is learnt that the users can currently order the Red version of the Galaxy s line III, specific delivery time for the create own phone case 29th. In addition, a message is displayed, the Red -Galaxy s III will land later other countries and regions. Debut Black Edition 2012.8.10 daily news, Samsung's official on FaceBook with the latest news,

four-core flagship Samsung mobile Galaxy s III Black Edition This will be the European cell phone retailer Carphone Warehouse first. Color Color Galaxy S3 2012.8.29 the message, Samsung launched a titanium gray and Amber Brown two colors, plus the original marble white, sapphire blue, and then United States listed on the ATT garnet red, and subsequent stones black, Samsung Galaxy S3 have a total of six colors, iphone 4 holder to choose from. Amber Brown-inspired by the mysterious and unique gem; pomegranate red design inspired by the rare and special gems. New Sapphire black Design inspiration from ancient India and the Persians use to strengthen their faith and will of the stones, titanium gray inspired symbols of wisdom, Savvy and curious gray itself and so on.

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