, friends and others to say goodbye to the deceased

May 21 [Mon], 2012, 10:00
A funeral is a solemn and a grave affair. Do we all know what a funeral is? In proper terms "A funeral is a time and place where people say goodbye to someone who has died and whom they have loved and cherished some or the other beautiful moments with. The body that has died is put into a special box called a casket and the casket is buried in the ground at a place called a cemetery. A cemetery is a place where people Gucci Briefcase who have died are buried. "

However, while attending a funeral, there is certain Funeral Etiquette which has to be followed. We Gucci Shoes at The Memory Bookshop will try to explain some of these Funeral Etiquettes:

The question of wearing Black: Some people still think Black to be a customary dress to be worn in a funeral as they may not approve of bright colors. It may be possible that the family organizing the funeral may provide with some specific instructions on what to wear at the funeral.

Who travels with the funeral procession? In a Funeral, it is the family members of the deceased who decide on who should be travelling in the procession. The trend is for the close family members and any other relative which the deceased’s family so thinks proper. Other invitees should use their own cars to meet the procession where the service is being held.

Does the procession always leave from the home of the deceased? Traditionally yes, but the procession can leave from the home of a close relative also. It is the family members of the deceased which decides the place from where the people will return to after the funeral. If you are not sure, check with the family for the same. Where should I sit? The family members generally sit at the front. In a large church which may not be full, it’s better not to sit at the back...

Can children attend a funeral? Yes, but toddlers and babies can be troublesome especially if it’s a long service. Older children may be Gucci Belt Bag allowed, if they wish to go. It’s a good idea to brief them beforehand so that they know what to expect. You may find our advice on talking to children at The Memory Bookshop Site helpful.

Do I need to be invited to a funeral? A funeral service is usually open to anyone, unless the family requests it to be a private ceremony. The funeral is an opportunity for family members, friends and others to say goodbye to the deceased.

What happens after the funeral? After the funeral the family members and friends usually get together for some light refreshments. It may be at the home of the deceased, in a private room or for that matter any other place which the deceased’s family thinks proper...

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