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Zarah Leander was a German star of Swedish origins who was probably the only exception during those tumultuous times to have captured the hearts of the Third Reich. Since she enjoyed a glorious career throughout most part of the twentieth century, a Zarah Leander CD is sure to fetch you a little more than music – it would be a mix of heart warming melodies and a rich cultural legacy which was prevalent at that time. Unlike Lale Andersen who was a native of Germany, Zarah Leander was one of few outsiders who survived the war and its aftermath and was loved by her fans.

While Lale Andersen was a popular singer and song-writer, Zarah Leander was a stage performer since a young age and was described as an actress-singer by her fans. The former rose to popularity through her rendition of a famous German soldier song ‘Lili Marleen’ and for the latter it was ‘Vill ni se en stjärna’ which shot her to fame. However, for anyone seeking a collection of Third Reich soldier songs, both tracks have their own significance and since finding them both on a Zarah Leander Louis Vuitton Outlet CD would be difficult, attempts should be made to seek a compilation.

Despite their separate lives, the one point which Zarah Leander and Lale Andersen had in common was Louis Vuitton Clutches that they both were disliked by the minister of propaganda of the Third Reich, Dr. Goebbels. In case of Lale Andersen, Dr Goebbels did not approve of the lyrics of a sad song to be played as a part of German military music because it made them sentimental and hence interfered with their patriotism. Zarah Leander on the other hand was hated by Dr. Goebbels due to her independent nature but loved by the Fuhrer and it is because of this that her music is still alive today in form of Zarah Leander CD.

Although both women were a part of the Third Reich military music propaganda, each managed to carve a unique niche as artists and survived many of their male counterparts. Apart from German military music, Lale Andersen also tried her hand at cabaret and was associated with Berlin-based Kabarett der Komiker during the early phase of her career. On buying a Zarah Leander CD, the listener would come across a series of love songs before she landed a contract with UFA in Berlin and subsequently acted in a number of German films.

In an era when marching songs, band songs and soldier songs were encouraged as being a part of the newly evolved genre of Nazi music, credit goes to these two women singers for having kept the art of melancholic and soul searching music alive. Some of the popular numbers featuring on Zarah Leander CD are ‘Davon geht die Welt nicht unter’ and ‘Ich weiß, es wird einmal ein Wunder gescheh'n’ both of which inspire hope and joy amidst an atmosphere of death and destruction. Likewise, Lale Andersen also succeeded in touching the hearts of millions of soldiers, both German and allied, with her track Lili Marleen which she refused to convert into a military song.

The post-war era held different destinies for the two women and Lale Andersen, after having disappeared for a while, made Louis Vuitton Belt a grand comeback wherein she not only had a number of hits to her name but wrote two books as well both of which became very popular. Zarah Louis Vuitton hobo Leander suffered due to her allegedly close connection with the Nazi regime and although she denied it vehemently not many opportunities came her way. It is for this reason that Zarah Leander CD usually features tracks of the Third Reich era and not much from the subsequent years.

With band music and marching tunes being the order of the day, listening to a Zarah Leander CD is sure to offer a fresh perspective of the Third Reich regime. Credit also goes to Lale Andersen for not only touching the hearts of German soldiers but moving Allied men on the battlefront as well.
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