Methods to Pick Coffee: Look

May 31 [Mon], 2010, 10:00
Cutting refers to the judge of the general taste, fresh degree and the even in baking of coffee beans by pinching, cutting, chewing and so on. In combination with look and smell, you can exactly judge if the coffee beans were baked just now. Meanwhile, one can learn about whether the beans are baked well. Sketch out the Reasons of the Popularity of nba jerseys

By snipping, it means crumbing several beans by hand. It aims to feel the swelling ratio, hardness and the brittleness of the coffee beans. After crumbing the beans, one can smell it, and the flavor will be very strong.8 Easy Tricks to Go With ed hardy

Cutting is to observe the section plane of the coffee beans. You can pinch from the middle of coffee beans and let the beans into two parts. Then, you should observe that whether the cut surface is well-distributed or not. Only those coffee-beans whose exterior color is the same as the interior have a high standard. And with the swelling ratio, you can find out the profile of the roaster`s skill level. But this doesn`t mean that such coffee beans can surly make out nice coffee.

Chewing is to take a coffee bean to chew directly, you do not have to swallow it, and you can spit the chewed coffee grounds out. The process of chew may know the taste trend of coffee. Certainly, the taste is not sure, that is rough judgement. The most important thing is if the coffee beans are crisp. The coffee without crisp, the main reason is the baking degree is light. Take one bean to put into mouth for chewing, and the occurrence of clear sound means that the bean is kept well and not damped. The sourness of good taste coffee is just like the freshness of the orange fruit, without strong sourness. Bitter tastes gentle, it is not like smoke or burning-smell. Fresh coffee beans are so fresh and crisp that there is fragrance out when cracking.

Through the process of [cutting", you can know the quality and freshness of coffee beans in the most direct ways. As the going says:" Cutting is believing." In a word, when you master the tips of observation, smelling, cutting, you can pick up the coffee-beans with high quality.