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May 20 [Mon], 2013, 16:26
The 176th chapter biological variation "less nonsense, get us pressure Longdong and the temple, nature will give you the keys, otherwise, I pressed the button, your grandchildren will be torn to pieces......" Wang Qiang see this wizard refused to go, holding the hands of a detonator like things, it snapped threat'. "This is blasphemy, the rules, in addition to the successor shall not enter the temple of the gods, or fall under disaster og, for you......" "Mother a and gods, if there are gods bless you, you will be as poor as a bitter,Coach Poppy Collection Clearance, I do not take money to those greedy people, you can tell me you is the successor? Tell me your nonsense, the village people have made a deal with us, to find the temple, let us satisfied, I'll give you three hundred thousand, you people of the village live a good life, otherwise don't blame me cruel......" The wizard roared: "those who betrayed the nation, they have fallen, the gods will not let them go, they will be punished......" "Shit punishment, people thought liberation, have entered the city, now live force moisture than you this group of sticking to the broken village......" Qi Shu then shook his head: "Wang, don't talk to his nonsense, since he refused to go, then, here is no doubt that Longquan confirm pressure, pressure Longdong is not difficult to find, we find that" "but, the temple......" Wang Qiang hesitated road. "The so-called temple, is actually composed of several stones placed into the religious sites, you don't get those greedy people confuse" Wang Qiang listens, then will the detonator thing threw wizard exclaimed: "right now, I don't want to see you again" Wizard took the the key, and creeping in the Shitai a cult and a loud-mouthed words, it got up and hurried to go to the stockade. But in the old wizard in the corners of his mouth turned to leave the moment, suddenly a mysterious smile. And it happened, has been watching the strange wizard manners of Xu Linyuan, suddenly aware of the old wizard that strange look, suddenly heart in a jump. There must be something strange. See the three person in the wizard after leaving, they did not hurry to start looking for pressure Longdong what they say. Qi uncle took out a piece of the instrument from the backpack,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, frame in the rock, then, through the instrument to probe the way; "rock structure here, there are some different geological environment, stay will want you to talk to me,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, don't run, stepped in something hollow layer, will be very troublesome" well, this mobile phone no trace of the signal?" Gnea took out mobile phone, gesturing for a long time, he saw no signal point, can not help but wonder. "There is a radioactive substance, nature will interfere with mobile phone signal, no big deal, follow me to go" Qi Shu said, first step slowly along the ladder to go down, and said: "Wang Qiang, open bright flashlight to illuminate my" "Oh" Wang Qiang open glare flashlight in front few people, work steadily went down to the spring is near, Qi uncle took instrument check, and then began in the spring water falls.
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