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September 28 [Sat], 2013, 16:13
After the game, Sun Yao; even lying on the grass, he wanted to and his teammates together to greet fans, but he found himself really tired! Lost the game and the Seville team players in villarreals team are discussing what. Navas and Capdevila came together! The Women's North Face Softshell Hybird Sale Capdevila that there is no provocation, just patted him on the shoulder, despite the Seville team lost the game, but there is still showing good manners, one one and opponents handshake! In fact, you are very good! Capdevila laughed. You're telling me? Navas indifferent smile: that boy is not lying on the ground, the game I'm afraid I can't give you what face! Capdevilami Navas also thought to make fun of, also smiled, looking at lying in the grass. Sun Yao: that guy, is very promising! Navas a hand, walked toward Sun Yao! Took off his shirt, hung on the shoulder, the right hand to Sun Yao in front of him! Guys, enough rest? Navas laughed. Sun Yao one Leng, immediately smiled: "I am not at rest, I am enjoying the victory of time! It was a tough game! Navas Sun Yao one day to reach out to the right hand, then pull, pull Sun Yao up. Change the shirt! Navas laughed. Sun Yao nodded, took off his jersey No. twenty-nine, this difficult match have let this bright yellow jerseys became very muddy, but also with numerous sweat. Navas shirt or no where to go. Next year's World Cup, hope to see you at the world cup! Navas smiled. Sun Yao shocked, the world cup? I'm afraid not to see! Navas one Leng, are you Chinese? I'm sorry, hope that the next World Canada Goose Men's Lodge Cup to be able to see you! Sun Yao also helpless wry smile for a while: the next? I hope so! Navas thought that Sun Yao did not have any confidence, comfort: dude, don't be confident! With your talent, the future will be able to lead your team to the world cup! Sun Yaochang took a deep breath, nodded his head, took the Navas shirt, on his shoulder, goodbye, the second half of the season, I wait for you in the madrigal! Navas at Sun Yao calmly leave of figure, is a regret, if a player can't stand in the World Cup stage, it is not just the player's regret, is also the world cup regret! Like Di Stefano, if it took part in the world cup, and have a championship, so his number one component, may even be higher than Bailey or Maradona, after all, the era through a person's ability to take the world cup, much less difficulty than now! But, life is full of regret. He did not take part in the world cup, although also has the very high status in the history of the game, but did not receive the title of king! Through a person's ability to win the world cup? This is a crazy idea, but in the conditions of modern football now, this Xing may be infinitely close to zero. Sun Yao for this may be in the dream to imagine, display, he also dare not to think! Enter the interview area, Sun Yao appears very calm. Sun, the game you are too good! A few times Canada Goose Reese Bomber reporter interviewed Sun Yao answered!
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