in the "Reds", arsenal will be relinquished the top spot

November 04 [Mon], 2013, 13:04
Fit to Emirates Stadium, arsenal all take the initiative. Casola's art of tipping the puck, by surprise four Ramsay "leaves the ball", lock the victory for the home team. Liverpool in midfield for the underdogs, led to "two-gun" power situliqi, and Suarez fell sharply, home to finish.Focus in this war, St James ' Park news, Chelsea 0:2 defeat to Newcastle. Liverpool rose to second place. They are winning with arsenal, will lead after the game. There is no doubt that both sides wanted to seize the opportunity. But for arsenal, and data to prove that no little difficulty.According to statistics, in November is to score for arsenal in the Premier League for at least a month, averaging only 1.55 points, winning percentage is not high. This November is arsenal this season and one of the most difficult new balance 420 womens months. "Gunmen" in the Premiership game against Liverpool, Manchester United, also in the Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund. If you are unable to terminate the previous two-game losing streak at home, in the "Reds", arsenal will be relinquished the top spot.

However, eliminated by Chelsea in the Carling Cup in midweek, "shooter", a return to the Premier League, as if suddenly woke up, as always, strong. Manager Arsene Wenger said this victory on the next leg is greatly encouraged by, prove arsenal leads not only by weak teams grab-"we will not only be able to overcome the small team can also win strong dialogue".When it comes to their children, Shen Xue said lightly: "my kids don't cry, are particularly good, so I was relieved. "Having said that, in fact, Shen Xue after the mother's day wasn't easy. Kid the next day of the full moon, Shen Xue appeared on the new balance 501 uk Chinese team's training ground, help has become a pairs figure skating coach Zhao Hongbo guidance female member in the group. "Yao's teacher (the Chinese team head coach Yao bin) invited me back, and I can help girls tune or something. Chinese team is now preparing for the Winter Olympics, I must do their part. " In order to facilitate the work, Shen Xue specially rented houses at the team training ground near the capital indoor stadium.

After 10 rounds, one Premier League season has past one-fourth. Behind leading arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, 5 minutes, respectively, leading the first two season's champions Manchester City, Manchester United 6 points, 8 points. Wenger's team from the half-way title is drawing near.When it comes to the Chinese team is currently preparing for, Shen Xue very touching that, although Yao bin had predicted when the Winter Olympics pairs figure skating prospects in China is very low key, the team's goal is "the fight for the top three", and medal hopes best is Pang Qing, Tong Jian group. She says: "everyone their medal hopes in them. Although his age is a disadvantage, but the game is very rich, and Tong Jian in the temporarily experiencing problems in the game yesterday you can quickly adjust themselves, this is the young players need to learn from them. I have faith in them. ”
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