spring vacation 

February 13 [Wed], 2008, 22:00
Now it is SPRING VACATION in Japan..

Before the school days finish,
my friend made my Birthday Party for me
My birthday is 31th January
I was so happy wiz it

Now I go to driving school...
I hate studying about driving...


December 05 [Wed], 2007, 21:51

I forgot to write this blog for soooo long time


I m gonna go to South Korea next weekend for 1week
to meet my friend who i met in Australia!

I am very excited about it

I have never go to Asia, so I make my nice sightseeing plan.
There are many many many yummy foods in Korea

And another frind who is Taiwanese will come to my home in Japan!!
She'll come end of Dec to 6th of Jan 2008!

Isn't it very international yearends??

I love it

Wish i'll enjoy all of them

happy presents 

March 08 [Thu], 2007, 12:46
Today I got presents from Hanol

They are soooooooooooooooooo cute and looks so yummy

I really love them

I am very happy to get her letter and presents

Thankx so much・゜

Now I already started to eat tim-tam^^


March 07 [Wed], 2007, 23:08

Today I called with my friend, Hanol.

I was soooo happy when she called me

and I got depressed of me, because my English became more poor than before.

Now I can not speak English smoothly and I can not remember some words...

I need to study but I don't do it.......

Hanol said she sent me present

I feel really impatient of it! Thanx so much



March 06 [Tue], 2007, 13:17
I went to MIe-ken with my friend yesterday.

We went there because we wanted to do strawberries hunting.
I ate too much strawberries and I could not eat them any more at that time.

After that, we went to Ise-zinguu wich is Shinto shrine and we went to Okage-yokochou, in there me and my friend ate udon, ice cream, pickles and more

Now I am in home, but I still full.

Are you looking this?
If you do, please comment me


March 03 [Sat], 2007, 16:53

I started this blog today.

I will try to write this in English.

Today, it is dolls festival for girls in Japan.
My mother is cooking yummy foods for it.
I am pleasuring of it


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I will write this diary in English.

I love rock music& sweets

I stayed in Ipswich of Australia for 1yr last year, but now my English has gone soooooo poor.
So I write this blog in English and i want to become accustomed English.

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