Happy New Year!!! 

2008年01月03日(木) 10時06分
A Happy New Year!!! 2008

Hope everyone had great holidays!!! Me, luckily I had new year in Japan at home with my family. It had been 4year since the last time I was with my family in Japan. I flew to Osaka, jumped into trains and then got home around 9pm then I had Osechi(traditional food for new year's) and then soba noodles called toshikoshi soba and at the same time we were watching special programs on tv. It was such a nice time!

After midnight, we all went to shrine near our place. There was a long queue plus it was freezing cold outside... we prayed and had sweet sake and then came home...

Next morning, we all went shopping together, I bought myself a super unique pair of shoes yay!

I had a great time. I couldn't say anything more. I just felt so nice with my family! My brother was ok after accident...it was awful to see his head but...at least he was doing fine!

Back in Dubai, catching up with my friends. Akemashite Omedetou! Kotoshimo yoroshiku. I picked Daikichi(written fortune) for this year and I am pretty excited. I deserve to have a better year eh?

Off to Nice next week! I am pretty excited! but...where are you?

My resolution for 2008..... there are many... I was asked by my flatmate last night...

to find a way to my next step. career, not job. connection and all...

it sounds broad but I know what I want!!!

Hope 2008 will be a great year for you all!!!

Christmas everywhere 

2007年12月21日(金) 23時09分
Came back from a long trip, Hambourg and New York.

It was freezing cold in both cities... I thought I brought everything but my body was freezing at all time. However I love winter clothes and the atmosphere during Christmas season. I enjoyed Christmas market in Hambourg and stayed in the best hotel ever with the coolest bathtub and then loved the Christmas tree at Rockfeller centre plus met up with Fuka and it was super fun!

I finally got Kate Spade's handbag!!!! oh my!!! did it!!! I am super happy. Whenever I go to New York, I buy handbags...my favourite brands are all there...

Then here I am back in Dubai with Tomo, my best friend from Japan!!! We just came back from Desert Safari tour today. We screamed tons and enjoyed belly dancing!

Yesterday was Aya's bf's graduation. He became a senior crew! Congrats!!!

Christmas is right there... I hung my Christmas sock on my door and expecting loads of sweets this year.

All I want for Christmas is not you but you. Tomo and I have been singing Christmas songs in my room and giving away our loneliness!!! hahaha joking, we are having fun. I am driving everywhere now and it's been such fun. I need to plan for next few days as I am working at the same time...hmm, not happy really...

Some people are leaving sexual comments and I am very pissed off. I don't think they even pay attention on doing that though... I don't know how to erase them so I am leaving them but please just don't care about them...sorry about that!

20% of me 

2007年12月14日(金) 9時40分
I had a flight to Osaka and it was great. My mum came to the hotel and we went to 2restaurant at night then next day, we went to Kyoto. Changing leaves season was over however we could enjoy by taking Torokko train and stuff. It was amazing! Aya sent me a message on my cellphone and I found out that I would fly to Japan on New Year's eve so I will get to go home for New Year's yay!

I had 3days off plus 1 rest day. I was out almost everyday. I went to clinic to have a check up on my shoulder and neck which don't move anymore. The doctor wrote me a letter so I went to another clinic next day to try arcupuncture for the first time. I felt so exhausted in the afternoon and I have no idea why. I did it for the 2nd time yesterday and it was the same. I won't be able to go for a while so I hope it won't get worse... I went to my guitar lesson at wrong time so I couldn't have a lesson...I haven't played for a month, a month!!!! jeez...

I had a nice coffee time with one senior Japanese crew today. it was nice. She is from Kansai area so that I love the way she talks.

then I went to see Aya and met her boyfriend as well. We talked about so much! She showed me photos from India and they both were very happy! I was a bit jealous!

Yesterday, my brother had an accident and doctor ser his head 6 stiches...oh my...he can't move at all at the moment. I am so worried...

Am I losing my enthusiasm? Aya's boyfriend told me that 20% of myself was being lost yesterday. He could notice right away... Aya kept asking me what was wrong with me however I don't know what to say. I guess I am thinking too much about everything again. I should not but automatically I am...

well, I am off to longtrip starting tomorrow and when I finish it, Tomo will be here. we will have Christmas together and I will work at the same time then I will have new year's at home so I will keep myself busy at all time then I will be fine I guess?

When I am trying to get over one thing, I am not allowed to do so. If you think of me loads then please let me go...

I hate being in a complicated situation. I don't know what will happen next but I need more time for everything...please bare with me buddies!!!

Anna Banana 

2007年12月06日(木) 11時00分
I didn't update for a while...I was sick and I am still a bit sick... My body is getting weaker and weaker, I had never got sick like this easy and quick... I am eating healthy I suppose however all stress and other problems are eating me up I guess...

Well, I had a great time in Japan with my sis in ages. We got both sick in the end but we did everything we could have done!!! It was great! I wish her all the best with getting a new job and finally settle down!

Since there was a rist getting on a flight going back, I had to go to my actual home by Shinkansen(bullet train) and then ended up staying only for a night. god, that was quick. I went to massage place cuz my body was all stiff...then had nice dinner at home. I got to meet up with my very old friend from junior highschool and we talked about so many things!

I could have stayed 2more days but I didn't want to take a risk...flight is always full these days!!!!! My friend Atsuko was operating so I felt so safe since I was getting very sick on a plane. My senior crew came and talked to me as well. It was amazing that I knew them all!!! Purser was super nice to me and I got to sleep well during the flight. I also met friends of friend(hmm??my friend's friends). They are engaged so young!!! Jeez, I was so surprised but they are cute together so I guess it's great! At the end of the flight, I did NOT have my voice...

My luggage got lost, waited for 2hours after arrival other passengers were super angry....I was amazed to see how ground staff dealed with pax...so rude!!! and so unresponsable!!!

I came home finally wanted to go to hospital but it was closed...I slept all day...it was sucks cuz noone was around to talk to....sad...

Next morning, I went to clinic with Dusko, friend of mine who was also sick. I got medication finally and I slept all day again. My other friend Fredo was also super sick... we had dinner together that night since we were both sick...pizza was great eh? I home his roomie didn't get sick after all???

Went to Dusseldorf, Germany. It was all Christmas there! I loved it!

My friend who lives in Cologne came to see me and we had dinner together. Thank you Fred!!! He looked super well and I enjoyed catching up with him. I will never forget the dishe I had and HARIBO which you went and got me! That was super sweet of you. HARIBO-gummie bears, cola etc...I love them!

I worked in Business class and learnt so much. Crew were super great and they taught me so much. Thanks!!!!!

I slept too much after I came back home, and had dinner with Junko and her friend, set up TV and DVD in my room(finally) and then went to visit my friends in a building. I had champagne...jeez, all my friends knew how drunk I was...I loved it though!

Anna Banana, what is going to happen next???

fool me fool me 

2007年11月24日(土) 20時58分
After a flight from Paris, I flew to Tokyo right away. I am now at my sis's place.

On a flight from Paris, we had so much fun so we enjoyed as much as we could. We talked about lots of things, I tried to find my husband as I was told to but no luck...hahaha, just joking.

At the airport, there was a surprise person waiting for me... It was a big big surprise and I even made a joke of it...oops, it's me sorry but he was waiting for me to arrive and drove me a ride to the airport. what a sweet thing...it was so kind of him to do it all. Thank you so much but why??????????????? It was funny because about 15mins before that happened, I got out of the aircraft and one girl(crew) asked me for a gum. then I asked her "are you expecting someone now?" then she said no but she added that "you never know, you always have to be ready for it" then I agreed with her then it happened to me. Expect the unexpected. it's like a phrase for our job... don't know how many times our trainers were saying that...

well!!! will sort all out when I go back to Dubai next week and now I need to enjoy my time here. Why am I updating this then? My sis got sick and she is already sleeping next to me. it's still 9pm..I can't sleep this early!!!

We spent all day shopping. We went to Korean town for lunch then went to buy Ion dryer(good one and I can use it abroad too), lots of cosmetics and clothes. I spent too much money today eh? but I feel super great!

We came home and had dinner together. then my sis passed out!!! she was too tired I guess. I am so sorry!!!

Tomorrow will be a great day. I will be out all day meeting up with too many friends. It will be fun for sure though!

Paris, je t'aime 

2007年11月21日(水) 20時03分
I am now in Paris. I am writing this from the city of LOVE!!!

After I came back from London, I had a severe back and shoulder ache. I knew why. It was because of galley job... I was a galley operater on London flight and I lifted so much stuff. HEAVY ones...non stop. I couldn't move at all after the flight. A few crew tried to massage my shoulder but it was too stiff to touch...

so... I went to have massage. It was super but it wasn't enough. The therapist told me that my shoulder was too hard. I am getting old for sure eh? After that I went to the mall to buy some souvenirs for my sis and friends then met up with Aya and her bf there. He always wanted to take me to Indian restaurant and he invited me that night. We all went to Ibn Batuuta Mall for dinner. god, I love Indian food. and I like this mall cuz there are NO PEOPLE!!! I hate seeing people I know(not friends, people I have seen at work etc) on my private days.

Here I am in Paris. The weather is great. Flight coming in was great! I helped business class as well! It was fun! Economy was empty so it was nice! However, I cried on board today. I know it's embrassing but I just couldn't stand it. He was being too sarcatic. He reminded me of someone I hate. All came together and I had to cry. I hid myself in a midgalley and I cried...then one crew I know came to rescue me... Apparently, he was flirting with me but that's not the way man! I hate stupid people. They don't have brain!!! Am I saying too much? but I wouldn't have cried if it was not serious you know! Even Purser was joking me around a bit and i was like "WHATEVER!!!"

I am not happy today cuz there is a strike going on in Paris not just today, for a while. No trains No buses...so there was no way for us to go to the city...my friend wanted to come see me but we couldn't meet up at all... He rang me though! Very sweet!!! I miss you loads!!!

I ended up going to the mall with other crew and I shopped as much as I could. I got Rose oil! I just put it on my entire body and it smells awesome and relaxing. I think I will sleep well tonight! and also I got DVDs. One of them is "Brice de Nice" A few of my friend have told me that it was a funny one and since I love Nice, they said that I would love it. I watched half and it's been funny as well! Jeez, Jean Dujardin is way too good! He is an awesome actor! and cute!!! why did I stop watching? hahaha, I am a good girl, watching News at 8pm. I remember my hostfamily watching 8 o'clock news together in Living room. I miss it!

I am off to Tokyo tomorrow night as soon as I arrive at Dubai. I am pretty excited. I bought too much cheese for my sis. My suitcase is way too heavy with my clothes, shoes etc...

I had Tartiflette for dinner. My favourite French dish! very fatty though! hmm feels great!

Hope I won't get sick during my leave this time.....

Absolutely right... 

2007年11月17日(土) 10時00分
It was Aya's birthday so we celebrated at home since she had a flight that day. I cooked Korean food and baked fondant chocolat!!! The cake turned out super well. Sorry Nikola, I will bake it for you soon promise!

They continued drinking but I had to go to bed since I had an early morning flight to Casablanca...shame...

Casablanca, Morocco. I had an another flight but someone sent me a swap so I got this. I had never been there so I didn't mind doing it even though people say bad things about this flight. Going was half full so it was more than easy.

so...I must not have been tired after the flight however I ended up sleepin for 15hours...jeez, what a hell happened?

Oh well, I went to the market with other crew for 2hours or so and bought myself 2 nice hand made leather bags. Super. I wanted to try Moroccan food which my friend told me to try at the hotel but I didn't even hear the telehphone ringing when crew called me up. I was in deep sleep for sure....15hours, am I pig or what?

I woke up at 5am, watched French tv(which was great for me) and went down for breakfast. There was a captain and sfs so I joined them and enjoyed. SFS got injured the night before so she couldn't operate on the way back.

However...purser was super, other crew were helping each other so we came back safely!!!

There were Japanese passengers at the back of the aircraft and I had a chance to chat with them. Their accent was very familiar to me so I asked where they were from...I was right! They were from my area!!!

They thought I was already married...do I look that old now? I told them that I haven't had any chance to meet anyone then they were like "when you come home next time, I will introduce you someone!" oh my!!! but I almost said "please" hahaha I didn't no worries!!! I am not that desperate and I know whom I like! lol

I had a great time in a bath last night. Put 4 candles and milky bath powder and listened to Michael Buble which Florent gave me! His voice is super. I love it.

visited Nikola, we watched Grey's Anatomy...he is crazy about it now. It was my first time to watch so I had no idea what was going on...even we watched together for like an hour, it was too emotional...I asked him to stop then his mates came over. They are soooooooooooo nice. Guys can be that innocent and sweet sometimes eh?

Nikola scared me last night but he is absolutely right. He said he is worried about me. Thank you so much...I don't know what I am doing...Meesam(his flatmate) was like "why you yelling at her man!!! she is scared" yeah I was...he was too serious but... I had to admit all...sorry... I won't see him until December but we keep in touch by mails ok? sorry! I will be a good girl!

off to London this afternoon. will do a bit of christmas shopping maybe?

Welcome to Suzuka 

2007年11月11日(日) 20時25分
I came back from Nagoya this morning. It was a full flight but I enjoyed very much. I was home until the day before so I decided not to go home however...there was a very good friend of mine on a flight so I decided to show him around in my city.

It's so much fun to have someone I know on board. 9hour flight felt nothing. I spent most of my working time with him talking and punching him, cuz he doesn't behave! However I am truly sorry where I kicked...oops, that was bad eh?

I had gin tonic on the top floor in the hotel with cockpit crew and a few crew then I got so drunk so went back to my room until my friend arrived. Other people went out for dinner. Alcohol in the empty stomach is very dangerous!

Next day, at 8am, I was waken up by Florent...I was pretty impressed... seriously, never at any layover, noone follows plans. we make plans but never happen and usually end up going out by myself. Florent was amazingly on time and I was surprised. Good job!!!

We took a train to Suzuka. My mum came pick us up and we went to Suzuka circuit. I remember the last time when I went there...it was for fireworks wearing Yukata. How many years ago now? 5years? Time flies really...but good memories.

He was very happy to check out the racing course and I felt so happy to see him enjoying it. It is always a pleasure to show something from my country. When I cook as well, I love watching people enjoying what I cook...it's great to share the culture!

We took so many pics, shopped, bought Tshirts etc... then we went to the biggest shopping centre in my city for shopping.

we both were super exhausted on our way back to hotel but I truly enjoyed my layover in a long time. I always have a great time with him. I wish he would stop talking rubbish... si tu lis maintenant, tu sais ce que je veux dire, hein? I won't fall in love with you don't worry...so please never ask me again...

I am so exhausted all day today. even so, I spent more than 5hours on pc sending swaps for my flight to get days off. Luckily, I've got Paris and given away my Johanesbourg flight so that I've got extra days off for my leave! Yay! Hope mon cheri will get off days to come visit me, I know it's too sudden though....

Pictures turned out super. I love looking at them. It was such a lovely day really. Thanks to you and remember 2009, we will go back together, promise!

Homesick or what? 

2007年11月03日(土) 23時43分
I feel blue so I write in blue today...

First of all!!!!! They took away my Nagoya flight on 31st. We were at bliefing but purser didn't show up then...it turned out that all crew on Nagoya was removed and put on Johanesbourg flight in 2hours...jesus......it was horrible. I was like "you joking!!!" I had plans with Nyokki and Fu-chan in 4years!!! I am so sorry girls...I couldn't do anything with it, it's our life...

soooooooooooooo 7 Japanese crew flew to Johanesbourg...you all know where? South Africa. We flew completely the opposite direction. oh my...I couldn't believe it at all. Luckily, there was one French crew plus many French pasengers on the flight so I enjoyed speaking with them in French. Oh la la!!!

4 of us were Japanese in Economy so we were working mostly in Japanese. It was super cool. I had never done that. We were all pissed but happy to help each other. This kind of moment, I always feel so proud to be Japanese. We respect each other very much. I love it. I feel so confortable and secured with them. I can't stand so many people here...especially guys, jeez, I want to look at their inside of brains really. There was one Japanese guy crew and he was awesome, super sweet.

We all went out in Johanesbourg. We went shopping, and then went to eat steak at very popular restaurant. It's called The Meat Co. we ordered Fillet!!! and red wine of course. it was amazing, couldn't be better. Delicious steak I've ever had really. I finished 250g without problem.

Woke up on time and we all went shopping a bit again. Coming back was very light so we did enjoy working!!!

I was sick when I came back and was very unstable somehow. I wanted to go home but I had one day of reserve left so I couldn't leave the country but today it turned out that I've got next 5days off so I am leaving tonight!

I can't be here, really. I need to be home. It's my very first time to go home using days off. I can't stand it. It's strange but I feel so strange these days.

I went to the mall with my friend and we had nice drinks then dinner with her friend. He is French and his accent was so cute. and he was cute too. We kept saying to him kawaii kawaii!!! mignon mignon!!! He is so innocent and talks about everything very honestly but not joking. He is serious but we don't feel unconfortable. very difficult to describe but he was great! Yes, we will party next time eh?

I am spending most of my time sending swaps this month...oh my... I want to extend my vacation so that I can go back to Angers. I miss France. and especially my friend had an accident and he got injured. I am so worried about him but this time I need to go home instead...sorry...I will come see you in a few weeks, promise!

so! I am off !!! I need to get out of here!!! Bye!!!

Dressing up 

2007年10月30日(火) 20時32分
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I should be sleeping now but I can't fall asleep. I am flying tonight so I should be in bed resting for a few hours. I normally have no problem but somehow tonight, I am not be able to...so I just made myself dinner and I am trying to make myself sleepy again...hope it will work!

Last night, I dressed up in ages. It was great. I love dressing up and taking time to get ready for an occasion. DATE!!! lol hahaha secret!

I love choosing what to wear even though it gets irritated sometimes. I enjoy it though. I think of the atmosphere of the restaurant, and imagine but kinda guess what colour your partner of the night likes etc. It's fun. Also, hairstyle. down or up? where should I separate my hair? centre or side? I know, for guys it sounds so stupid but I am sure girls understand what I mean eh?

I wore red, black and white striped dress with my favourite red necklace. I love red. I curled my hair too. God I felt so god when I left my house!

Dinner was amazing. We didn't see or meet anyone we knew so it was perfect. I hate seeing people on offdays. I need privacy sometimes you know!

I didn't drink because... to be honest I can't drink... I shouldn't sometimes...I do things very naughty in the end...oops! so I didn't drink at all!

Today, I went do my nails. It took me an hour to park my car. I got very frustrated. I want to go far but I don't know roads. Will you show me around??? I met Aya for afternoon tea and talked over indian sweets. Thanks!!! We talk forever eh? I feel that she is seriously worried about me and cares about me. I really appreciate it. I have been very bad eh? Thanks for being my friend though!

Okay, I need to sleep now. Off to Japan again! Yay!!! There will be tons of Japanese crew tonight so it will be fun!

Nyokki and Fu-chan are waiting for me in Nagoya tonight. I am pretty excited to see them. it's been more than 4years??? Jeez, I am a bit nervous!!!


gokiburi daikkirai!!!
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