similar in color and gold jewelry

October 20 [Thu], 2011, 16:37
Here's a brief description of what it all: Jewelry gold jewelry in the other surface of the metal coated with a layer of gold plating method, similar in color and gold jewelry, gold Tommy, Rolex Watches Online when the difficult identification of the new. However, gold-plated jewelry feel lighter float, hard, biting unstamped, with a long fade. Some bad gold plating jewelry, red is the color is not white, or floating. White gold jewelry is coated on the other metal 24K or 22K gold foil, gold foil, such as the number of K is too low, the flexibility is poor.

The appearance of gold jewelry and gold jewelry really similar, glittering, and will not fade, makes real Nanbian. But a closer look at the jewelry of depression, angle at, behind, etc., can be found in gold foil uneven, there is the phenomenon of skin from the side of Alice. Such as jewelry has broken connector, Rolex Watches for sale can be seen from outside the metal is yellow in the white section. In addition, gold jewelry and lighter feel, texture, gold jewelry, hard, biting unstamped, easy to bend, long-wearing and easy peeling off foil. Copper jewelry color is yellow with red, fake hair, shiny dark, soft texture, weight, buoyant. Copper alloy jewelry (copper-tin alloy), color white, hard light, wearing a long fade, the skin black.

Whether it is gold-plated jewelry, gold jewelry, or copper jewelry, Asian gold jewelry, gold jewelry is generally similar to the non-printed sign. Unlike printed sign or brought gold jewelry, engraved jewelry, if the letters "GK", which means "gold." Printed sign or trace of blurred, crooked, consumers should be Rolex for sale adopted to identify whether there is printed on the sign jewelry, India signed accords with the above requirements, India is a clear sign and other aspects, in order to determine the authenticity of gold jewelry.
Identification of gold jewelry in many ways, a Chinese folk easy way to sum up, the formulas are: to see color, weigh weight, listen to phonology, Rolex Watches for Men folding hardness, stone mill, compared to cards with acid point, given fineness.