the property of the king ah

January 15 [Tue], 2013, 12:43
Identified by more than before a lot of people now identified even begin to queue up, no wonder so many on the market street vendor, it seems that more and more people to the game. Lined up for a team, and finally turn identified to me, I gently queen bee earrings handed over, took the jewelry, old assessors looked at me surprised, then casually said: "appraisal fee of 200 diamonds coins ! "Ah! Listened to his words, my mouth fell open in surprise, shouted: "God! Identification of a blue and equipment need so much money you did wrong?" Old unhappy assessors me a lukewarm said: "This is my job, how might mistake identified this jewelry is so expensive, Xiangui if you do not identified, and we are very busy, not identified, please get out!" rely on ...... really era is different, this troubled world, even the assessors are hanging so I can not identification of this? Not identified, how might better price? Although only a blue attribute, generally with one up with two properties, but these two attributes can be no trivial matter, ah, a good attribute can match even the poor properties of gold, or dark gold weapons. Attributes you add more, and career with the bad, that is useless, I believe played a miracle people are aware of the remarkable properties of four or five, not as two of the attributes that you want, such as Xueniu the plus Blood and reflection. Like to see me hesitate, assessors helpless sigh breath, explained: "Boy ... do not underestimate this blue equipment, it is not the same blue equipment and general, you do not see this? It is a king class jewelry Originally jewelery hungry appraisal fee is relatively high, coupled with a king-class blue equipment, appraisal fee course? "king class? I looked puzzled assessors, innocently asked: "What is the king class! Than the average to be okay?" Assessors eyes stare, loudly: "Of course ... what tempest level! King class is all blue equipment, the property of the king ah! casually in a blue king level equipment, enough to more general dark gold equipped Otherwise how the tempest-level equipment? ...... king's something you want, the energy difference it? "After listening to the explanation of the assessors, my heart slammed moving ... identified a good attribute, then ...... then I can sell a good price, as my college tuition, as well as traced on the college entrance examination have it all, and the cloud big money as soon as possible also on the. Meng a bite, I was straightforward and took out 200 diamonds coins, and loudly: "Needless to say, give me identify it!" Wow! Probably rarely see people spend 200 diamond currency identified piece of equipment, the people around you are sent a gasp, but I did not mind watching the people around, I threw in watching the queen bee earrings Identification of this relationship is too important. Took my money, old assessors began a careful identification of bird queen earrings, a burst of light flashed ... navy blue light sky, the the slightest golden thread from the navy blue light transmittance out and ...... from time to time red flickering light, really beautiful. Queen bee earrings identified has been completely changed a lot, is a thin, barely legible fine gold wire tied with elegant styling, beautiful little bees. Bees body by the gold surface of gold inlaid with blue stones, forming a dazzling lines, exudes enough to make any woman fascinated by the magic of the yellow and blue intertwined. The most precious is its eyes, it is a pair of dazzling gemstones, as if the two burning flame, from time to time radiation penetrating red light Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Cheap, enough to shake the beauty of the eyes of the flower girl. To say really, I have this on intricate beauty shocked, I could even imagine, when the queen bee earrings with like when the girls ears. Imagine, so beautiful, small bees, either side of flying on the left and right shoulder of the girl, who met a few do not see more, let alone on small bees so luxurious, so beautiful, so bright light. I'm almost certain that this queen bee earrings will be very valuable, Although I have yet to see its properties, but ... just extraordinary appearance is enough to make it worth a hundred times. Girl is always like external beautiful, lovely things for intrinsic is not as good, and often are not too concerned about, as long as beautiful, just lovely, they can automatically ignore all the shortcomings of the other. Trembling hand, took the hands of the queen bee earrings assessors identified member of a dismay demeanor queen bee earrings and handed me, it seems that ... he was also this beautiful impressed. I feel tense, I almost did not dare to open eyes to see, because ... if something so beautiful, and then to have a good attribute, then its value is almost I can not imagine. Queen bee earrings! Increase HP, MP 100, an increase of 25% attack speed looked at its properties, for a time, I do not know what to do reaction, yet there are two properties, generally gold and dark gold weapon only two attributes., Large Most blue equipment is only one attribute. Even more unusual is that the two properties are so exaggerated, is gold, dark gold equipment may not be such a good attribute, bluntly say, this is a super enough to be compared Unique equipment jewelry. Of course ... this is just equipment and gold and dark gold ...... for jewelry gold equipment, it increased HP, MP is 150 instead of 100 is 40% attack speed increase rather than 25%, if it is dark gold and equipment even more incredible, increase HP, MP 200, attack speed increase is 50%, which is a gold-level equipment Canada Goose Ontario Parka Outlet, dark gold equipment in between blue and equipment the difference, that is, the number of properties added. These two attributes are not obvious, replaced attacks, the effect is obvious, blue equipment plus 100 gold equipment plus 150, dark gold plus 200. Some people may wonder, since added so little Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber Cheap, how and gold, and even dark gold and equipment comparable to it? Should carefully look, added blood to restore the speed or add strength, agility, intelligence, although added more, but in fact role of these two properties. Played miracle people know how important a good attribute is not added like, most of the time, the most suitable is the best. In this game, the girls are mostly archer, mage, priest career, are less blood career, dangerous career, think about it ... for a total of only one or two hundred points blood people plus 100 blood and blue is the concept? Although the increase is not attack, not agile, not intellectual or physical, but ...... increase attack speed but super Need properties, the equivalent of your 25% efficiency, this is definitely better than plus super dark gold weapons attacks . Tight hold on the precious earrings, not men can not equip, I will not hesitate to bring up, I have decided, I do not give a satisfactory price, I definitely will not sell the! Because ... this is not ordinary ......
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