Best Artist Music Award

December 01 [Thu], 2011, 0:23
Today it is the Best Artist Music Award in NTV :D ... Hey Say JUMP was elected I'm so happy about it XD lol...but the sad thing is that Ryutaro is not in there T^T and another problem is that I've watched it on keyholetv and that program is very unclear and very annoying, and it keeps frozen in every second >___< but still glad I've heard them singing Over XD



November 30 [Wed], 2011, 5:21
Ichigo, is my favourite fruit when I was young, but not any more now, because they really sour, I have't ate any strawberries that are sweet recently >____< .....

But strawberries always reminds me of Yamada Ryosuke.....Because it's his favourite fruit/food lol XD, and I've read a lot of magazine translations where yamada is talking about strawberries and it was funny, like he said he didn't know that strawberries is a fruit lol XD....HAHAHA i love Yamada XD


Chinese Doughnut

November 30 [Wed], 2011, 5:17

The picture above is what the chinese doughnut looks looks different ain't it?? haha....These doughnuts are nice XD, i've just ate them lol

SK 2011-11-27 Beat Line

November 30 [Wed], 2011, 3:28
Today i've just watched yesterday's school kakumei performance XD ... They've sang 'Beat Line' YEAH i LOVE that song! lol.......AND OMG! YAMADA HE'S CUTE! XD I love his hair like that lol....

and heres a screencap i've just taken lol...

Yaplog is blocked in school?? (笑)

November 30 [Wed], 2011, 3:20
I don't know why but my school blocked Yaplog lol....Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and some other social networks are blocked in school, bu weirdly Twitter is not blocked so I always sneakily go on it when I'm in my computer lesson lol XD...

My school don't even know japanese websites of blog sites, so I don't know how the hell they've blocked Yaplog? lol...i thought the teachers won't heard of this blog site at all lol, I just can't believe it haha..that means I can't go on Yaplog in school?? Ma i guess it's fine as long as there is twitter hahaha, I'll just go on that instead then lol XD
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I will not update that much. I only update it when I feel like to which is when im not being lazy lol.....
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