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September 16 [Mon], 2013, 18:35
; Han Yan deeply son say, eye is red and then I put the Han Fei Ya go, my own big five in the morning, he ran out to buy food, they say the morning fresh vegetables, you always said that I am great lady, from be spoiled, said I can't do anything, size elder sister temper, you also said, I learned to cook, then good for you, you say, and Canada Goose Baby's Reese Bomber Parka so I learned, you will marry me Han Yan deeply son took a deep breath, forced to control his own emotions is my brother, Han Yan deeply son know you so long, we promise you three things, the first thing to do is to love you well, I did, the second thing is to listen to you, no matter what, regardless of right and wrong, I did, third things, is to give you cook a meal, do you like to eat, remember I promised you when, how do you laugh at me, you see, I Canada Goose Men's Chilliwack Bomber Parka did, I Han Yan deeply son never told a lie, I promise you, I will do it, delicious? Are you had to call the roll. Gong Zheng's eye is red, he did not speak, but he has had enough, but he is still eating dakoutaikou. You will say, the Yan son, you'll learn the dish, and then I put the bell Wang Long they called, to the family, you are hard to complete, then we can drink, drink many, you should pack up, this is a good daughter-in-law's standard, you see, I did now, brother, I come to you today to say this, not because I want to and you, in turn, is we can not do, because I want to leave here, I don't know how many years before they come back, I don't have your own way. I'm here, is to have a look you, because I am night if I walked, suddenly so many days can not see you, for so many years without seeing you, I fear I will not stand. Han Yaner took his mobile phone, the screen at the Gong Zhengzheng brother, you see, my mobile phone screen, are you now. Dinner Gong Zheng gulps, has eaten three, he very much support, but he is still eating. Han Yan son tears flow out but I don't regret it, brother you're right, what woman in a lifetime to meet some scumbag, can grow, but you are in my eyes is not a scumbag, is still that person who I most love. Gong is eaten all the food, he put the chopsticks aside. Han Yan son looking at the table of food, she smiled, tears rolled down the corner of his eye, she took paper towel to Gong Zheng wiped his mouth, then, she leaned to Gong Zheng face, feeling the Gong is hand is brother, I know you so long, this is the first time to meet you my request, no cheat, not to cheat me, I moved, it feels really good, familiar, in fact I rarely need, is also very easy to meet, right? Han Yan deeply son holding Gong is hand, kissed the Gong's forehead, then, she got up, and stood at the bedside, tears streaming down they say I have no conscience, will leave here, most reluctant people, is actually a deceived me half alive man is brother, you say me is it right? It is very good for nothing. Gong Zheng eyes closed, not saying a word. This is brother, please don't lie to me, tell North Face Windstopper Outlet me the truth, I cook very delicious? Gong is tears.
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