gathered his bowels of mercy

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 17:00
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: UGGs Kids Bailey Button, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult( read the novel to the vertex novel network ) what did he say? Old maple back and asked Ding Hanhan behind .
Don ,but I think it should not be fair ! Ding Hanhan said .The ancient Fengtan tone is ready to stand up, but she furrowed brow ,because it seems that is not the end .Risk ,once again in his sensitive intuition .
Just he was still thinking about the assassin. Is it right? Want to escape ,and it came, the complex and lithe footsteps far on rain to .Misty rain accompanied by rising water ,vision is not wide ,let a person cannot see thirty meters away from the scene ,but the old maple with their keen sense of hearing is at least ten tell them not ,and each is master .
Have a look on the bow hand by a bayonet through the open wound ,ancient Maple brow furrowed but have a look around ,looking for something to hemostasis ,standing beside Ding Hanhan rushed to open the package ,a somersault ,finally find something to the ancient Chinese ,just face was red .
Old maple carry the eye looks ,the brow wrinkled up again ,more compact .Ding Hanhan handed him ,was a Kaifeng sanitary pad . This ,pad to hemostasis ! Ding Hanhan red in the face ,voice low ,very feel shy way !For a woman to use it to stop the bleeding ?D miss big wisdom really nobody can the enemy, so want to get out ,it her !However ,from a professional point of view ,this seems really to hemostasis UGG Swell Tall Boots.
Ancient Chinese cold and cold ,Ding Hanhan was poor enough .Pad that ancient Maple not used, it is seen ,Su Maner bag was often prepared such things ,at the beginning, he accidentally saw ,also the curious by asking questions ,but when the Soviet Maner tell him this is what to do with ,he would to disgust never to touch ! I ,I ,I have used ! Ding Hanhan mutter and mumble explained .
Crap. You have to I can use ?But even if you never used, I also feel shy ah !Old maple very helpless sigh .The sound of footsteps ,have become increasingly close ,this time has no womanishly fussy time, ancient Fenglai not hesitate ,one hand clutching his shirt sleeves to a jerk ,just listen to the tearing of a sound, the sleeve is torn down, exposing your strong arm !Originally he is wanted to use this to bandage their wounds, however Ding Hanhan is quick of eye and deft of hand ,one-up ripped his bag was Kaifeng pad paste it into the ancient Maple injured hand ,although the feeling than to post it to their underwear to much more timid ,but her actions or extremely sharp .
Ancient Chinese could think, hand picked up the assassin falling on the ground of the bill ,with the sleeve connected with a huge wound paste paste hand knife strapped to his hand, I tried to use the tooth in the cloth end pull tight some ,avoid to cut off when the bayonet ,but that kind you must touch the nose pad ,so he just another taut cloth line ,then a hand D Hanhan support behind him, a long knife refers to the ground ,waiting for the arrival of those people .
At that moment, when he dragged to the ground when the long standing in the rain ,rain down his face ,dress ,dagger ,bit by bit !Ding Hanhan was a little stunned ,because she seemed to see movies in the Wah Dee ,the people are lost ,putting himself very straight standing in the ancient Chinese ,is so cruel ,so elegant ,is so charming .
Soon ,footsteps are clear, a figure also in succession from rain and fog in take out, a dozen holds a long black assassin appeared in ancient maple and Ding Hanhan .People ,as long as I live, there is such a lot of frustration ,hate violence often to violence is one of the ancient Fengzhen ,want to say to Ding Hanhan :d miss UGGs Earmuffs, if today I killed a lot of people ,you have to remember ,I was forced to !The ancient Fengzhen hate violence ,he argues that only a barbarous and mindless brute just like motionless fists to solve problems ,and really somebody is thinking to settle everything ,especially now this society ,this is clearly a eat brain society !But now ,even if his wit in lich ,it will be of no help ,because they came not to reason with him ,he came to his death .
This time ,so the huge size of the assassination ,apparently in addition to Ding Hanhan ,have included the old maple .That is to say ,if the gang is attempting to destroy the people Ding sent out, old maple has really was listed as a member of the ding .
Otherwise ,only a feeble girl lives ,not so mobilize too many troops .Look at those who look at fiercely as a tiger does ,at any time may jump he and Ding Hanhan killed in messy knife under the assassin ,the ancient Maple actually laughed ,light on the Ding Hanhan behind said: Ding Hanhan ,now I am a little regret ! Regret what ? In the face of so many villains from the band knife assassin ,Ding lady has scared a little stunned ,little mouth asked .
I regret that night too loaded B ,if I persist as long as you do your heart principle then ,that night to give you up ,today you die, I will not feel so good ! Old maple so hate hate to say !Ding Hanhan was surprised and almost bite their tongue ,when, he also has thought of this !But remember ,if there are something that night ,if not to overexert himself at the last moment the words ,now that do not have regret with virgin to Hades .
It is this damn if ,if ,if no life ,only the results and consequences ,Ding Hanhan decided, if all is well. This can be Northface Women's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,she never had ,she will never let myself regret any possible opportunity !However ,as she would like, ancient Maple has been waving long bayonet against those assassins rushed .
Assassins to kill and saved, so whether the target is who ,whether a ,or a group ,old ,or less ,is a male ,or female ,they make all the way only a frenzied knife blade, hacked off .
This encounter ,assassins have raised the bayonet ,no singles ,no single bucket ,but not to care whether live or die slaying !The glint and flash of cold steel cover to the ancient Chinese ,every move ,each type is to stab him in the key of .
Show mercy to the enemy ,is cruelty to yourself ,when a small, ancient Chinese would understand this truth ,the law of the jungle in the old world ,want to live, not to be bullied, it must learn to cruel ,learn to pre-emptive .
So ,when the ancient Chinese knew these people are bent to his life, he put away his irresolution, gathered his bowels of mercy !If I die ,I let you down to hell !Mystify ,not an old maple ,but than real strength ,ancient Maple never afraid of anyone ,at this moment, he is like a fiend ,rushed into the crowd ,Parry those awful bayonet ,as long as there is a gap ,there is an opportunity UGG Women's Caspia,he will be more cruel than the enemy ,more brutal knife anti stab them .
At this moment, he is no longer the benevolence benevolence doctor ,he is no longer the honest gullible good student ,he is a bloodthirsty monster ,only thought of one idea ,that is killed !Only the eyes of those killed, he can live !As the blood cross splash ,with the bloody taste plus thick, ancient Maple was intended to kill the one point one strong ,his eyes soon red .
Suddenly ,chest suddenly cools ,then the sting ,his body was the assassin through a slash ,not deep ,is not long ,but some kind of hot like fire like pain !When fresh blood flow down, he finally anger, enemy blood if not exciting, so their blood was boiling he was arrogant brutal nature !Again, the results of endless is the only .
A roar ,ancient Chinese long wave ,like a hungry tiger crazy degree beast jumped forward ( to read the novel to the apex of the novel network ) 16977 game update everyday fun little game
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