Merry Christmas!

December 25 [Thu], 2008, 2:20

Merry, Merry Christmas to all of you!
Hope this hollydays would bring to you the most wonderful feelings of joy and happyniness.
My best wishes to you and to your families (≡^∇^≡)


Ans 48

December 11 [Thu], 2008, 22:49

I have to post this thing.
Yesterday I went to bed so late 'cause I was watching AnS ep48 and OMG, it's so funny!! (^O^)/
Is just me or Sho-chan do not have any skill to talk with girls? xD Love all the "Red loves Pink" stuff he was trying to say xD
Oh! or when he was trying to ask a Combini girl to go out xD (Hey, this is my phone number, could you be so nice to call me? xD I would)

But the part that kills me was when they try to dance and sing without hearing or watching everybody.
Jun was in a so different time, he also finish the song first! (≧▽≦)
Oh-chan... Oh my dear Oh-chan, he was pushing Sho during the last part of the song (≧▽≦) ... Really love that part xD

Even now I can't stop laughing (-^□^-)
If you wanna laugh till your stomach hurts, check out this episode of AnS. Really Good! (^-^)/

ps: I forgot! Love when Oh-chan was trying so desesperatly to ask the combini girl to go out (^ε^)♪



September 17 [Wed], 2008, 7:25

I'ts been a long time since my last post.
Gomen ne~ I was pretty busy (゚_゚i)

This week we will celebrate our Independence Day (wel.. two days xD). So, I'm going to win a bunch of extra weitht 。(;°皿°) not that I'm complaining 'bout that, it just I don't like (because it's hard try to loose that extra weight 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 )

This pic is from my character called "Aku". You can read more about him on this link or this one



July 19 [Sat], 2008, 9:09

I wanna go home now... o(TωT )
So, this is the first time I'm uploading a photo of me. Yeap, that's myself in all her glory xD (yeah, right! (・ε・) )
That pic was taken last saturday in an Anime Event called "Ichi Fuyu Fest". It was fun but I was not in my best days... *sigh*

Kisses to all of ya'

Change of Subjets

July 18 [Fri], 2008, 6:44

When I open the "post entry" window I was going to comment how cute Tuti looks on this pic (even tho it's kinda' blurry and dark, I do love how he looks... to cute for me :3).
The thing is I found the rdj_daily comm and my god those pictures! (like someone said it there "Oh my god, he's so painfully hot.")
There are 40 gorgeous pictures with no theme, just random, but looking so hot.
I know he has the age to be my father (really, my father) doing some math taking the fact that he could probably have some kid name like me at the younger age of 20. But I don't care! My god, he so damn sexy *dies*

I really need to do some fanfiction here, 'cause I've reading some but does not complete me at all I need some pr0n!~~ some sweaty, hot, kinki tony/pepper fics. And I need it right now!

"So everybody lets send a thankful pray to God, for giving us this gorgeous man"

Friday to sunday

July 15 [Tue], 2008, 7:43

Ok... this entry is in engrish 'cause I'm not in the mood for something more spanish u_u
Crappy weekend. Well, not that crappy, just crappy situations.
Friday. I had a meeting here in the office with our new client, but this was at 7 o'clok (yeap, the check out hour). Jesus, this guy was here for about 2 hours. TWO HOURS! And we were not talking about new ways of advertsing for candys sugar free.
Anyway, even tho he told us too many unuseful things, he liked the scketchs. And we still need to do more stuff.
So, when when we were finally over. I went to the subway, not somethin so weir, 'cause I always took it to go back home.
The bizarre situation was on the Baquedano station. God, someone jump in front of the train and everyone who was in the first carriages (is that word ok?) were able to hear the noises when the body hit the train. I was in the first wagon so I heard it all.
Not so nice situation.

On Saturday, my friend [info]blurn and I went to the Ichi Fuyu Fest in Maipu.
When we were near to my house, it started to rain. Great!
What can I say about how we were without having any umbrellas and wearing flat shoes with nothing more than a pair of long socks.
Then... when we were ready to go at the end of the event, I notice that someone took my jacket. God! and the staff of the event did't give me a single useful excuse (just a mix of stupid reasons of why people steal).

Finally since yesterday I have this horrible pain in my mouth. Yeap, two of my back teeth. Isn't it great?

The good things
Friday: I sleep over my best friends house. We talk a lot and that's great we love to talk about a million things ^^ (specially fangilr things).
She made me a beautiful punky loli style headband. It was so cute! with the silvers chains and the black flower. Cute at the extrene.

Saturady: It was a presentation of Tenimyu (chilean version fanmade). So nice!! I scream like a maniac while I was taping the whole show.
The funny thing was that no one, besides [info]blurn and I, knew about tenimyu. So when I scream "TUTI!!" or "EIJI-KUN!!" everyone was staring at me with so weir faces xD (I guess the were thinking something like "what the hell she saying?" "is she nuts?")
Oh! and we met Erotic Dolls. Great band! (pretty diferent style than AWNJ)
Visual, tall guys, lovely hair styles and gorgeous bass player lol

Sunday: My friend Blurn sleep over my house. We talk a lot, again xD and we watch School Rumble's ovas ^^
We seelp 'til midday and we eat too many food.
I started to sew my loli-kimono. It too cute, all purple and yelow with little sakura blossoms and butterflyes *-*
Just cute!

and that's all for today. I have to work now.
Kisses to all of ya'!~~


May 29 [Thu], 2008, 4:37

And it's raining...
Today we have a pretty dark day with so muh rain (well not like past week, but pretty).
It's been a wile since my last post and I'm sorry. So that's why Im takin' a litlle moment to writte a few words (^_^)v
My work it's so great, really love what I do here and what I'm right now. The only thing I worry about it's the crisis of my university. They are in a strike so there's no one there and that's the reason I'm not in the system yet (`×´)
I have no grades, no teacher, no nothing. And the great thing of all of this, is that no one can tell me anything 'bout what is going to happen. Even my teahers (I know my dear blurn told me something, I wanna know from my teachers mouth)... ゛(`ヘ´#)
Anyway... the day is getting lighter so that's is a pretty good news.

good luck to everybody and goodbye (^з^)-☆Chu!!

ps: the image is from this link and it's a place in santiago where I live right now o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o〜♪


October 15 [Mon], 2007, 1:27

I've been trying to download the mypop service and I can't do it!
Kya~! I wanna be kohey-kun's reader. It's so unfair.

Today I'll meet cris-kun with my friend Blurn. I now it will be a very funny day.

Yeah! さいこ~!

First Entry

October 14 [Sun], 2007, 11:17
Konnbanwa minna-san!

This is my first entry, so welcome!

I'll try to writte often and make this little blog updated.

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