July 09 [Fri], 2010, 23:12
yo, minna-san!

i'm back from berlin while i spent two days with my beloved tsan. can't wait to see you more often, darling the fashion show was really cool and i'm oh so proud of her! i think she will make her way as a great designer someday!

aaaaaand... i worked. a bit, only... because of the stress. and like i promise i present you a video now:

if you want to see how the picture turns out in the end just click on the following picture part:

i was also proud to reach the 5000 pageview mark on deviantart. it's not this much but i see myself as a beginner so i think its ok to be at least little happy about it. i origanally planned making a really great picture but then i haven't found the time and only make a little, quick one:

i hope you like it anyway. click for the full view as always.

also someone was interested in my commissions. ehehehehe~ let's see if everything will turns out fine. then i will have more work in the future. means more to show you
next time i maybe show you a video how i do my coloration.

c ya soon


kiss da winner 

July 01 [Thu], 2010, 1:39
minna, saaaan~

i cannot believe it... i won something

maybe one year ago i joined a design contest where i made a motorcycle helmet design... totally forgotten about it until the packet arrived today. i won a huuuuge nolan bag and a t-shirt and a...card? i dunno, but winning something feels great xD even it's 'only' the 12th place... i'm kinda happy.

and something even more interesting... looks like the our 'residence' in berlin finally belongs to us now there's just 35463463464567 forms to complete if we are willing to get some help from the state...

also i joined some more contests on deviantart. with this one for example:

just a part again... click for the whole one. i really don't like the picture this time. even if i worked so hard, because i can't draw backgrounds and tried out a real composition and naaargh. i just don't like it.... but it's 'ok'. and after i finished a new contest was opened and i drew one night for this one:

and it's not the worst picture i've ever made... yay! even if it's not perfect, i'm going to continue, giving my best and draw more stuff from now on. hopefully i can get some money soon, i started commissions for that reason:

GET Commissions GET

hopefully someone will be interested and have some money left for me and my work
at the moment i'm really busy. there are so many things to do... alone my list of drawings grows way too long and i just can draw at night for now...

next time i'll maybe show you some new pictures and a little video, kay?

stay tuned



June 23 [Wed], 2010, 2:32
heya, minna-san

yesterday was quite stressful. we (that's issy, me and our mothers) visited berlin to find a new home for the two of us. we found SUCH an adorable place! and now i just hope we could get it! it's an old building but pretty clean and nice. and the best of all: i would have stucco!

adorable~ screams out for a luster! the light on the photo isn't really good but all in all it's a shiny and bright room. it would be so cool if we could get those rooms. please keep your fingers crossed!

yeah... and next. other than expected my newest picture also get some nice reactions. so i'll definitely going to start commissions with my next picture. if you want to see the full sized actual one, just click here:

i'm still not satisfied with this one. i got some very good ideas about the coloration... but it turns out bad. kept a lot of time trying to save this coloration at all. and i'm still not absolutely in love with it... but the next picture i drew isn't better at all. i will show you next time - promise. then also my commission going to start.

see ya soon~

bye bye



June 12 [Sat], 2010, 5:37
heya minna-san~

this is going to be a super short entry. just gave a try to SAI. it's a graphic programm i'd never use before.. so i thought... why not. and i think it could fit really good in my color style

i made a little sketch - outlining in this program could become very very good - and quick colored it.

i'm incredibly fast in this program >> even if i never used it before. good sign, maybe! can't wait to make a real picture~

c ya



June 11 [Fri], 2010, 0:28
oh my gosh, minna-san xD

i can't believe waht i've done. spent almost 3,5 hours at the hairdresser and with some results of course... my hair is shorter now AND it's blond i like the color so much! even if it was a pain in the ass coloring my hair with that bothersome neurodermatitis on the back of my head. felt like my skin was aflame.

i'm SO looking like my tsan now... we will be stupid twins in berlin
best friend action reloaded (...)

also i have to say that the last picture i made was quite a success on deviantart - didn't see that coming! i'm glad!
thanks for 160 favos! looooove! and thats even though the anatomy was such a disaster. i love you, guys~

i'm also working at something new at the moment - nothing special - but it's for some contest.
told myself if i can manage more than 100 favorites again with my next picture i seriously gonna start commissions.

maybe someone will be interested at all.
hope soooo

bye bye



June 08 [Tue], 2010, 1:27
yo, minna-san

like i hoped it was really great being with my little tsan thanks for visiting, babeh!
we shopped a lot and went to the cinema.

of course xD sex and the city 2 * A * it was awesome, i can't wait to get the dvd, hehe. will watch this movie very often then. feels like vacations when you enjoy all this luxury in cinema.
i also wanna show you some old sketches because i don't want to finish them in the moment and i don't want to forget them either.

only scribbles as you see. maybe some day... hm... when i'm in the mood. i'm in the mood for nothing in the moment. all i've manage is spent the night with this picture:

it's just a part so click if you like to see the full action. it's not really good... it was an outline practice at the beginning - and i messed with the outlines again. but i have to believe in myself, right? someday i'll become better *hope so*

bye bye


long time 

June 01 [Tue], 2010, 21:26
sorry, minna-san

i was so lazy for the last... weeks >>
i even didn't show you my beautiful strawberry nails tsan gave me the idea an i stole it - hehe. of course, i asked for permission before~

now my nails are just soft pink... i kinda miss those strawberry.
i also cannot believe how long i didn't updated a new picture. i truly was lazy.

click of that part if you like to see the full view.
i don't know WHY i make it so flashy and glittering. maybe i just needed that for now. but it's a sailor moon fan art... so magical glittering is ok, maybe.

my private life doesn't seems to be very good at the moment but i have my beloved friends around so i hopefully will cheer up in a while. tsan is going to come from berlin :3 and issy will visit my tomorrow.

i love you guys



May 05 [Wed], 2010, 3:08
hey minna-san,

tomorrow the exams starting again.. like to know what i did in my free time? i made a lovely meme with my beloved issy xD here is a SMALL part:

and HERE you can see the whole meme with both of our.. art (...) it was fun, hehe.

and ALL the other time i drew THIS:

you can click and go to original size directly... meh... this one really meant to kill me. too many characters. WAY too many! and i made the outlines per computer... i'm a maniac!

but anyway... hope u like it. maybe you wanna wish me some luck as trade... for tomorrow.

bye bye



April 26 [Mon], 2010, 23:54
i'm sorry, minna-san!

i really am. i was so lazy for the last few days (weeks...) and didn't write my blog. bad yuki!

at first... we are online xD finally. but i make the link official when we got our guest book... because i can't stand this unfinished site for real.. so many things to do left. but the presentation was a real success mark one and congratulations and so on. was a nice feeling at all.

so after that i was afraid of falling in a deeeeeep hole of non working. so i started to draw something i like xD

a naruto yaoi picture with gaara and sai... doesn't turn out as i want it - as always. got a really cool idea and.. yeah... made something less fabulous out of it. hate it. wish there will be a day in future when i can draw whats in my mind without any messing or my disability.

and here is a total scribble from a new rpg. not cool or something. just a sketch. the rpg stopped a few days ago... wonder if it's going to be continued at all.

haha... hate this one. never will be finished xD

and this is my newest rpg fan tribute art. for miku again.

you see i wasn't really THAT lazy. i also started a MEME - but it's a double MEME and i have to wait for issys version until i can show you the results

so what's new? yeah, our exams started today. ONE of FOUR exams lays beyond me.

tomorrow will be the worst one. wish me some luck - i'll need it!

bye bye


new designs 

April 07 [Wed], 2010, 4:25
hey ho, minna-san

so many things to do and too little time. today we finished the gallery design. i'm somewhat proud of it... was haaaaaard to decide. here is a part of it:

the script is just a dummy... issy is programming everything in this moment. she's hard-working. good girl!
and also i made the first entry for our...*drum roll*


click if you like to see our new darling :3
was more complicate than i thought. hope after finishing the main project we both find a little more time for drawing again, so that we can feed that sketchblog with our work.

but enough from me today. have to work a little more~

luv ya

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