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The Royal Palace of Drottningholm

12213107 / Takahito Hukushima
122131099 / Ai Nayagta
12213103 / Yuki Hayashi

We are students of Aoyama Gakuin University. In three people of Takahito Hukushima and Ai Nagata and I Yuki Hayashi investigate about the palace. We are College of economics. We’d like to show you about “The Royal Palace of Drottningholm.” Surely you will want to go to this palace if you watch this. This palace is in Stockholm, Sweden. Capital Stockholm that is said to be "one of the towns which are the most beautiful in North Europe", Sweden. The royal palace in such beautiful capital was enrolled in a world heritage (cultural heritage) in 1991. And, it has the many deep history, a myth, beautiful scenes …. From now on, I think that I want to show you contents of these sections in detail.

We divided our blogs into six sections.


T.History and a back ground of this palace.
U.Opening time of the Royal Palace of Drottningholm.
V.Some spots of tourist I recommend.
W.Access from Narita international airport to Drottningholm.
X. Two scenes I can see from this palace.
Y.Restaurant and coffee in near this palace.

History and a back ground of this palace

Sightseeing to there

In this page, I will explain sightseeing to there. This is one of the most famous tourism places in this country. We can see inside the palace except for the residence of the royal family. Opera and theater is staged for tourists every summer. The harmony of water of Lake Mälaren, deep green of forest, a garden and cream-colored building is very beautiful. The ferry which departures from the city hall can enjoy the views of Lake Mälaren in summer.

And we can feel the European history. Here is representative of the palace in Europe that was built in the 17th century Europe. And that palace also has been left intact most as before. Embroidered flower beds had expressed the pattern plant initially. It is replaced on the lawn now. And Hercules statue brought back from Praha has been laid on a circle fountain which is the center of the flower beds. It shows the relic of the time it was a great power.

The history of Drottningholm palace

From this, I will explain about the history of Drottningholm palace. Next, I will explain the construction.Please look at this picture.

This is a person who built Drottningholm palace. His name is Johann III. He built this palace for Queen Katharina in the end of 16thcentury. Architecture began as a summer-only residence of the Swedish royal family at first.A variety of facilities was added to the king territory. For example, Opera House in 1766, Chinese Garden in 1769 and English-style garden in 1777 etc. These buildings are left in perfect condition even now.

Next, I will explain about Rebuilding. In 1661, ErenoraQueen purchased this palace, but that was burned down in the same year. Next year, she ordered the construction of the palace to Nikodemus Tessin. Construction was started in 1662 and was completed in 1686. Tessin decorated stairwells, room and bedroom with early baroque style's furniture& furnishing. Most of the large garden of baroque is retained in the form of this period.

Next, I will explain about inherited by princess.
In 1744, princess of Prussia, Ruvu~isa-Ururika is married and she inherited palace. In her age, this palace became a golden age of culture. If you can see the green cabinet of the queen, you can see the decoration which got the inspiration with Furniture & Furnishings elegant palace from France. Famous Palace Theater was also built in this era.

From this, I will talk to you about selected World Heritage Site. This palace has been registered in the list of World Heritage Site in 1991. It is a first world heritage site in Sweden. In Sweden, there are 14 locations which were selected world heritage site. Many cultural heritages and natural heritages are registered in there. On the type basis is that 12 cultural heritage sites and a mixed heritage and a natural heritage are in there.

Why was this palace selected is that this palace is typical of Europe at the time. And this is one of the few remaining most of the palace, which is construction in the 18th century. In Drottningholm Palace area, It has been left intact most of the palace which was built in the 17th and 18th century .Court Theater and Chinese palace building are particularly precious in this palace area. Theater lounge and Court Theater are not entirely renovated from 1766.

Opening time of the Royal Palace of Drottningholm

I will explain opening time. In May to August, it is opened 10 o’clock and closed 16:30. In September, it is opened 12o’clock.and closed 15:30 only on Saturday and Sunday.
Next, I introduce some tourist places. First of all, I will talk about Drottningholms palace. It is in the garden of Drottningholms palace. It is built by Luvisa Ulrika queen in 1766. Gstav the third loved drama, he invited musician from Europe, and enjoyed opera every summer. After Gstav the third was killed, it died out and was forgotten, but in 1992 is resumed. In this theater, it holds concert every summer, it performances opera of Franz Joseph, Haydn, Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Christoph, Gluck, Georg Friedrich Handel. Orchestra plays opera with wearing clothes which used in 18 century. It has a system which has been used since 18 century. These are 400 seats. Length is longer than breadth. There are device which utter sound of wave and thunder, and device of flying chair.
These pictures are salon and lobby. It is so unique.
The width is about 20m 〜30m, and it can change scene within 10 second. Various performances are held in this theater.

Some spots of tourist I recommend

Next, I introduce Gothic tower. Motifs of this tower is United Kingdom garden and ancient Northern Europe.
It is built by gardener “piper” he draw out various plans. Gutav the third adopted plans of waterway and island. Afterword, king arranged duplicate statue which he bought in Italy. However, there are few monuments and building which achieve the plan. One of those is gothic tower.

In this garden, there are Gutav third’s grave and tomb.
In this slide, I will explain rotation ceremony of guardsman. Duties of guardsman are protecting palace and Sweden court. To be specific, they are disposed in Stockholm palace and Dorottoningholm place. After the war gusrdsmen composed of third army and soldiers who are send from Sweden. Executing these duties brings good effect to not only themself Despite of being reduced Sweden army quickly, but tasks of the dispatch of troops overseas. Therefore management comes to be difficult. A lot of visitor enjoys. this ceremony. The ceremony carries out at 12:00, and 15:00 in summer. It takes 40 minutes. The ceremony which carries out at 12:00 is grander than one at 15 o’clock.
The guardsman performances with riding on horses, and shifting horses various formations.

Lastly, I introduce Kina palace. It is built by Adolf Fredrik. He presented his wife for birthday secretly in 1753. The palace of design is all Chinese. Those days, design of Chinese is longed by a lot of people. So queen pleases with it. These pictures are rooms of kina palace. They are very beautiful. In 1760 they rebuilt it wooden to stone. It is one of the delegate buildings which adopt rococo and Chinese, for example it is yellow room. We can peep technique of craftsman. When Drottningholm palace was bought by Sweden, they make inventory. At present, things in inventory situated in same place. There are precious dishes and monuments made in China. Kina palace opens in May to September. Entrance fee contains audio guide. If you listen to it, you can’t forget this palace.

Access from Narita international airport to Drottningholm

I explain the access from Narita international airport in Japan to the Drottningholm.

I think that want to explain Narita international airport used by we Japanese for an example. First, it goes from Narita international airportto the Charles d’Gaulle international airport in Paris. Charles d’Gaulle international airport is a French maximum airport. It takes 4 hours and 20 minutes. Then, it changes and goes to the A-randa airport in Stockholm. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. In other words the change of the airplane is only once. In addition, the way is in various ways.
After arriving in Stockholm, a subway and a city bus are used. It goes from stockholm central station to Solna station by subway city for 7 minutes. And it gose to Drottningholm bas stop by bus for 35 minutes. Finally, if you walk from there, you will arrive at a royal palace. It takes time 31 hours in going. And, it takes time 18 hours in return. The sum total time is 49 hours. It may be tiring to take time very much.

Two scenes I can see from this palace

The first scene is this. This is the situation of front garden of a royal palace entrance. This will get into eyes immediately when you enter the palace. Please look at the middle of the photograph. Doesn’t the man who is standing on this bronze statue think that it is very characteristic? It seems to suppose that he will throw something. I do not know what this posture expresses, but know that it is going to do anything towards the sky. Very interesting. Now, I’d like to move on to the next chart.

Another scene is this. The water surface of the Lake Malaren can be seen from this garden. The Malaren Lake is very beautiful. And, this Lake is the 3rd largest lake in Sweden. It has 1140 kilometers area and 64 meters of depth. Moreover, there is a myth in the Malaren Lake. The content of the Norse mythology is this. This Lake was that goddess of Malaren Lake deceived the king of Sweden and drew a line in this land.

Restaurant and coffee in near this palace

This picture is the restaurant in Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is old city. A town called this “Gamla Stan” seems to be the town which became a model of " Kiki's Delivery Service” of a Ghibli story everyone are known. Therefore there seems to be the baker who worked of Kiki in this town. Besides, the sanctuary in Gamla Stan is thought to be the model of the clock tower of Kiki's Delivery Service. Surely, the person of loving Ghibli stories will be pleased. And, this left picture is inside of this restaurant. Inside of the store is very beautiful. Also, since anyone can eat outside, eating outside may be pleasant. You will be able to calm down to watch people walking out side.

These are dishes of this restaurant. This above picture is a meatball called “shot burra-ru”. Noted product of Stockholm is meatball. This food seems particularly not strange taste. And, this seems to be taste that Japanese have eaten. It seems to be the taste of the mother to feel when I leave the country. All Swedish love this dish. Another picture, below picture is cranberry and pickle. Both these dishes are eaten together. Taste seems to be thick. Like Kanto and Kansai in Japan, taste of north Europe is thick too. However, both dishes seem to be delicious. Though taste that Japanese have eaten, eating in Europe may difference. Also, another famous dish of Sweden is “smorgasbord”. This dish is, so to speak, flock of seafood and the mountain products of this country. In other words, it is something like Japanese buffet. It is a dish choice of foods to like from cold foods, warm foods, foods more than 50 kinds including sweets. This is a dish of the restaurants, but is the dish which you can taste in Japan because you can make it at the home. This is recommended in home party. This is the dish that everyone can enjoy.

Café in Gamla Stan

Let’s go to a café after having meal. A café I recommend is in Gamla Stan. As having said some time ago, Gamla Stan is old city. Please see a picture. Pretty buildings are standing like this photograph in the open space Gamla Stan. And, the red building is a café. It is a café of the No.1 end of colorful buildings. Style of this café is similar to the restaurant that I explained a while ago. In the Gamla Stan, there are a lots such as a shop or a stand. Therefore, you may feel to such walking the Chinatown of Japan. After walking, you should tired. Then, please go to the café I will introduce from now on. You can drink beer in a café. The scenery of this town calms down, and a quality of North Europe is felt. In addition, as is expected, it seems to be good North Europe of the design sense that coloration goes well in the town. Please see two pictures.

These are cheesecake & coffee. Women should like sweet including me. Understand it from a photograph, it is very stylish teatime. Also, women can enjoy talk time of their favorite, too. And, as for the woman as for the man can relax and enjoy tea here. It is the place that is most suitable for taking a break here. People whom there is here may feel that time passes to be late. It seems to be able to heal the fatigue caused by trip, too.
While enjoying the café time, reading books is very good. In this way, the scenery reading slowly outside is rare in Japan. Because Japanese always make it busy, I think that it is important to go such a place and relax for them. These restaurant and café are near the palace. Therefore, how about going to these stores, if you are hungry? I want to go by all means, too. There cannot be the thing at a loss that much if I have a sightseeing map. I think that you may just do a walk because it is only the good way of the atmosphere even if I get a wrong way. A person liking taking a photograph is recommended.


To sum up my page, Drottningholm palace is on Sweden. And this palace has a large garden and Court Theater and China Imperial Villa. Scenery is so beautiful that a lot of tourists go there.


In conclusion, Drottnongholm palace is so historical palace and popular with a lot of tourist. Landscape is so beautiful. We recommend you go this place. That brings me to the end of my blog. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

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