busy poke 

2008年05月18日(日) 23時44分
Lol at those pokemon eggs that i found They're cool !
I have been very busy whit school (-__-)' So fuckin' much tests and i fail so bad duh but it's only 7 days left + period of work experience (4 days..) and then SUMMER HOLIDAY !! ...and 28 days until i go to JAPAN (oゝω・)O I wanna buy new clothes ! i bought new skirt, leggings and converses.

Dio @ NOSTURI 08/03/16 

2008年03月29日(土) 5時32分

The concert was almost 2 hours late. I did frozen outside 'cause the hall was next to sea and there wind a lot!

Dio's gig was so fuckin' cool - especially ミカル was~! He had cute wings too ( ´3`)~ And amazing voice and muscles 8D I touched him when he did jump to the audience !! I touched Erina too~ (his dance was so cute XD) and also somebody else too...can't remember who hi was...maybe Denka, i'm not sure.

I totally lost my voice and broke all my bones and fall very bad at the gig - thanks to finish audience
After (..and before) the gig i bought 2 Dio's posters. I didn't enough money there ;-----;

アンティック-珈琲店- @ TAVASTIA 08/03/15 

2008年03月29日(土) 4時42分
Woah, the AnCafe was adorable The whole gig was so amazing (*___*) カノン falled from the stage XD And the stupid fans almost stoled his bass! Finnish fans are . . . all mad D: lol

Well~ I get theirs autographes みく liked my Donald Duck easter eggs whot I gave him (^___^) Hi did make that duck-voice XD For them I had to wait 3 hours on the cold floor. (and some very weird guy did talk to me :o I was shocked 'cause hi took my telephone (>д<)/ ) And for the gig I had to wait another 3 hours. There was snowing and winding then And yes - very cold. But it was worth of it !!

Before the gig i bought a poster and 極魂ROCK CAFE CD+DVD.


Gentle Lie 

2007年12月05日(水) 6時56分
My haircut looks terrible !! Argh, I hate that D:: I won't go tomorrow to school. I will clean our house . . . . and my mom will be happy and forgot that I didn't go to school Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

I wanna buy the new shoes and winter coat~ In Finland is now soo cold and I gonna frozen


2007年12月01日(土) 20時11分
I haven't write here for a long time (g__g)

I had Birthday last month I'm 15 now ^^/ For a present I got D'espairsRay's MIRROR and [Coll:Set] albums, hair-drier, gift token and 250euros money [~39 495yen] I think that's a lot! Uh, and I ate totally too much cake, popcorns, cookies, candies etc (・θ・)
Me and my friends watched The Grudge (o__o) That was so scary.

For the moneys I bought Irokui's, HenzeL's and Moi dix Mois's CDs :3 I bought new trousers, mittens and Hello Kitty t-shirt too.

Aww, and Christmas is commig~!


2007年11月09日(金) 5時32分

Oh, finally my AnCafe's Magnya Carta CD did came ^^ My Kill me Kiss me manhwa comes too. I like that manhwa so much

And I ordered today Gazette's NIL-album, Dir en grey's Withering to death. -album. Uh, maybe I buy too much CDs nowadays (o ̄∇ ̄)~


2007年11月07日(水) 0時39分
I bought デスノート from Blippo~!!

Oh, I was so energy at morning, so I went school today ^^D

The first lesson was biology and we were testing our blood type. I'm O-type~

Then we go to visit to other school. There was terribly weather All my clothes get wet -__-' But I see there lambs, tractors, chinchillas, lequans, cat, snakes, dogs etc. Chinchillas was so kawaii (´・ω・`)// And the little dogs was fighting all the time XD Teacher wasn't very happy..


2007年11月06日(火) 4時26分

I didn't do anything ! I was just updating my account settings here, when my nose started bleeding (x__x) I really scared blood and now it's everywhere! I gonna die TT^TT

Eh, hope not. I just have to put paper to my nose and ice to my nape, then it will stop (n__n) ...hope so.

The First Step Иumber 2 

2007年11月06日(火) 3時00分
I feel myself suck a dork! It take so muck time to make my own account here. I'm not very good at Japanese [and English either] -,-' But I'm studying it very hard, 'cause I'm going to Japan next summer~!!

And I'm sick again :G I hate this feeling! ..but I don't have to go to school~ *lazy* I don't like school either XD

I finally ordered AnCafe's Magnya Carta -album o(≧∀≦)o Hope it's coming soon~!
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